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  1. Great ! Thank you for listening to users Best regards, Cyril
  2. It would be cool to have an option to do as on the Spectr-Aero and YAK52 addons : the co-pilot could take control, but just for maintaining heading and altitude with a key binding. It would rest the hands a bit on long flights
  3. Thanks, I didn't know about Quixel Mixer and Substance Painter. I'll take a look. Currently I quickly reworked an existing texture. I'm not going to take your time for that, there's no rush. In addition, it will allow me to learn new techniques for painting liveries.
  4. thanks a lot Actually it's not very safe, even if the PT19 is well trimmed, to switch tanks with hands off joystick to use the mouse
  5. Up... suggestion for the developer: as this plane is piloted entirely manually, it would be very useful to code a script to allow switching tanks with key binding
  6. Hello, i tried to bind keys to switch left/right tanks, but nothing's working. does anyone has suggestions ?
  7. Just bought this excellent aircraft, and i didn't find a painkit. Is there one available ?
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