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  1. I was successful in starting the plane by removing the switch (note: not the axis) configuration that was set in my Alpha Flight Yoke, using the Joystick configuration menu for such purpose. The Yoke remains connected along with my other controllers. I'm guessing that there is a conflict in XP whereby the switch configuration in the yoke is somehow overlaying the configuration set for the PT-19, causing the strange PT-19 startup behavior. If I had to guess, the Start with engine running" would be included in the conflict. The Alpha Yoke is a relatively new controller and XP was modif
  2. Tried to D/L and install the plane with my A/V disabled. Problem still there but manifests a little differently; plane started with engine fire burning and rolling backwards. XP declared a "Crash". I'm out of bullets.
  3. No luck on 2nd machine....licensing problems. I'd rather not disconnect my USB controllers. They are all working properly in XP, MSFS 2020, DCS and IL2 Strumovik. The Controllers i have connected are: 1) Virpil Warbrd Base with Mongoose CM2 Grip (Joystick); 2) VKB Rudder Pedals; 3) Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle; 4 and 5) Thrustmaster MFD djsplays (not used in XP); CH Products Throttle Quadrant; and a Natural Point TrackIR 5. Please let me know if you need anything else. Edit: also USB speakers and headset, wireless keyboard and mouse, kvm switch for video, keyboard, mouse
  4. Dan, All attempts using the XP clean install and the XP install with plugins did not have the XP "start with engines running" option ticked. I'll try to install on a second computer without controllers but I think I'll run into XP licensing problems. I'll be back.
  5. Fresh Copy of XP 11.50 - Vulkan. Stock scenery..TrackIR enabled in Xplane, no other plugins/addons. PT-19 selected for flight..Preflight automation and tail wheel lock selected in Preferences..emergency brake set. Right tank selected, wobble pump to 4psi, Prime 1 click on Help Prime, ignition switch to Left, Crank using Help Crank (one click) Engine Started but plane flipped over on its back. Second attempt after deleting States.dat, using same procedure, got same result..plane flipped over after start. Installed plane using installer redownloaded from X-aviation. Sel
  6. OK, Dan. I'll create a clean 11.50 install and try the PT-19 there. Stay tuned. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Dan. In the video, you seem to move around the plane without using any preset views. I use x-camera with a head tracker which is TrackIR V5. X-camera has a number of preset views. The plane also has views assigned to num pad 1 thru 6 that can be used the view specific areas of the plane. How do you navigate around specific areas of the plane? Could the use of x-camera somehow cause the problems I'm having?
  8. Latest try to start: Fuel Full (Left Tank selected) Fuel PSI: 3 Prime: 2 strokes Crank: Engine started after 2 cranks, ran for 2-3 seconds, plane traveled backwards despite emergency brake on, then engine quit. Throttle was cracked before start attempt. Why did the plane roll backwards while emergency brake was on? Attempted to clear fuel after start attempt by setting ignition to OFF then cranked engine....engine started, ran for 1 - 2 seconds then quit. Why did it start when ignition off? This attempt was with 1.0.2 version of plane and state.dat dele
  9. Don't see how I might have had an older airframe. I downloaded from X-Aviation once the plane was available.
  10. Thanks. I tried to move the starter crank with the ignition switch set to OFF but the engine fired, quit and the prop returned to the "blocking" position. You may want to take a look at that. The engine should never fire with the ignition OFF. I'm going to try a fresh copy.
  11. Several more tries...no luck; I set the ignition switch to off and began to crank the starter to clear the fuel...engine fired and fire ensued in the engine. ?? Also, the prop blocked access to the spark plugs..how do you rotate the prop to clear access to the front of the engine? How can I set the plane as "fresh copy" to avoid prior failures and start anew?
  12. The Mixture was set to Full Rich. I don't think the tank selection would account for the engine fire but I'll try it. With the 1.102 update applied, the plane still explodes with an apparent engine fire when I attempt to start it. I've attached a log file. Log.txt
  13. Hi, I'd appreciate anyone's help in walking me through how you were successful in starting the Pt-19. My attempts have all resulting in the plane rolling backwards and the engine ablaze despite 1)brakes (emergency) set, 2) preflight done via automation, 3) engine primed (both Primer automation and manual attempted), fuel pressure set to 5psdi via wobble switch, throttle cracked and ignition switch set to Left, in short, checklist followed. I've got to be doing something wrong. Frustrating, very frustrating. Help, please! Thanks
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