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  1. The only thing i noticed with the update is periodic 1-2 second pauses and audio breakup, its not continuous just sporadic update reinstalled and its perfect now
  2. Does any know how to assign switches/ buttons to a joystick or throttle Using the data ref commands listed in the manual?
  3. Another Great livery by Captain K-Man Please make a cargo variant of the ixeg 737 https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/40711-ixeg-737-300-northern-air-cargo-nac-n360wa/
  4. Exactly, let these guys get this Aircraft fully functional first before we worry about raindrops
  5. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/40419-ixeg-737-300-bluebird-cargo-tf-bbe/
  6. Yes im using the TOLL livery and no problems
  7. Ok Thanks alot Jude, i thought i could save a .fpl format and import into the fmc but i guess i'll enter the legs manually like your doing, i just bought the plane yesterday
  8. Thanks alot Jude thats a great program, are you loading your plans manually into the 737 or saving them to the coroutes folder? i tried saving a plan in the .fpl format but when loaded it the fmc said invalid coroute format
  9. What program do you recommend for making flightplans for ixeg ? Im getting apt not in database when i load a flightplan
  10. Thx to you and your team Morton for all your hard work, This aircraft is the reason i got into Xplane
  11. Anybody interested in doing this one i'll buy ya a beer
  12. That because its not compatible with XP11, IXEG has stated this numerous times, use at your own risk with XP11 untill they put out the update
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