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  1. Just a couple of things after a short test flight. It seems the roll trim indicator has lost it's light in the conversion. Loving the map light though! Second: I've set the roll trim almost one click to the left like I used to on XP11. However on rotating the plane almost rolled to the left into the ground. Like it didn't need any trim at all for take off. Weather was 4kts headwind. Similarly in cruise there is no change. So there not seem to be any torque effect from the props. This was one of the fun parts in the XP11 version to pay constant attention to the trim in all phases of the flight. I miss it...
  2. Sorry, but I still can't find the command to press the AP button on the master AP panel behind the quadrant. I'm looking for the command that's equivalent (not "servos on") to pressing that button that turns on both the AP master and YD at the same time. I checked the online reference here but nothing: https://www.togasim.com/mu2docs/setup/mu2_commands.html. Can you tell me what this command would be? Is it even implemented? Thanks!
  3. Wow! Kudos for being on top of things! I love this plane! Now, just one little tidbit regarding the installer. Maybe a notification about saving the prefs file before the install proceeds (like in the Challenger installer) would be prudent to give users a reminder and a chance to save their view setups before it gets overwritten?
  4. OK, disabling the Avitab plugin as mentioned above fixed it. One last thing, any way to fix the Map Light rheostat so it actually controls the intensity of the light? The Moo is so lovely at nigh but this would top the cake to be able to dial in a hint of ambient light. Also, now I can't seem to find the Moo specific group in control assignments to configure joystick buttons. Has this been changed? What is it now? I'm trying to assign the "AP" button on the console that turns on AP and YD altogether but can't find the relevant dataref group...
  5. Just installed this latest version in XP11 and the GTN750 is not powering up for me. All power is on, the bezel is on and if I pop up the GTN window it says "rebooting" and it's stuck there. The GTN750 is working fine in other aircraft. Any suggestions?
  6. It seems to have several functions but I can't find a detailed description of what all those are. Also, similarly a description of the de-fuel procedure and proper usage of the interior fuel panel would be helpful. Any information on this? Thanks!
  7. Forgive my ignorance but what is the "HLIS" button and where is it?
  8. Ah, never mind. Just found out that you have to be on the way for the offset option to show up. I suppose +2, -2 or something like it would be an entry?
  9. I must be blind but I just can't find it. Forgive me asking again but where exactly is track offset and how do you specify it?
  10. The FMS primer doc is a good start but I'd like to learn all the functions. Thanks!
  11. I also noticed that the Map light dimmer rotary has no effect on brightness. I suppose the Flood light level is fixed but map light should be adjustable. Or am I missing something? I know this update has been out already but didn't see the point to separate this since it's related to topic.
  12. When I press the mode button on the clock the local time is always the same as UTC. Is it not implemented?
  13. Super! One more quick question. What is this on the ND? From the pop-up when I hold down right mouse button and drag I can make what seems a measurement line for bearing/distance. Is it just for that or is it used for some other purpose also?
  14. In Non-Persistant mode, is there a way to simply change the avionics units from lbs to kg?
  15. Thanks, the remap W tip helped with that issue. Also, is there a track offset function in the FMS?
  16. First of all congrats on a superb bird! I know lots of work went into this, followed the streams as it was developed. After flying a few routes I have some suggestions to make interacting with the cockpit a bit easier. If this is not the right place to make such suggestions I appreciate pointing me to the right place. So here goes the list: - add the ability to change the zoom of PPOS view on the ND (MFD) via holding RMB and scrolling with the wheel like it's done for the chart display. If only on popup that will still help but would be even better in the 3D cockpit display. - add ability to save and trigger several popup sets not just the current "toggle all popups" command. I.e. I'd like one set for CCP1/DCP1 and another for CCP2 and MFD2 for charts. Yes, my eyes are not the best.... - add the possibility for click-and-hold scrolling of speed, heading, course and altitude knobs. In rough weather it's hard to keep pointed on these knobs when the plane is being tossed around. In these situations click-hold scrolling seems the most reliable. - is there a command to quickly jump back into the default seating position without having to click on the seat? That's it for now. I can't wait for what's in the future for this experience. Thanks!
  17. Yeah, I set the "hold" speed to 20 and the single wheel roll/click to 1 and that gives me good control of 100s or a quick enough zoom up to the 20s. To each is own but for me this is much better. Thanks for the tip on editing the obj file!
  18. I think a good compromise is to offer faster speed when the mouse wheel is held down. Once close to the wanted value it can be fine adjusted with rolling the mouse wheel. Regarding editing the obj file, I'm willing to do that but what parameter to edit and which file?
  19. Hello, liking the new version so far but for one thing. The altimeter preseletor scroll speed is way too slow. Can you add some acceleration when the mouse button is held down? It takes almost 20 sec now to scroll to 23000 ft.
  20. kutyafal


    Hello, I would also like to know if it's possible to integrate the GTN 750 into the GSN530 bezel. The popup works fine but I would really like the integrated functionality. Thanks!
  21. Bumping this as I just got the GTN 750. Has anyone figured out how to integrate it into the 3D cockpit? Or at least is there a way to make a click spot to have it pop up so I don't have to use the menu or key combo? Thanks!
  22. First of all I LOVE the plane! Just one minor issue. I'd like to assign the second throttle lever on my Thrustmaster HOTAS throttle to BOTH condition levers if at all possible. I see no use for that to take up two levers when they (almost) always need to be operated together. In the rare case I want to operate them separately I can always do that with the mouse. However, currently I see no way to assign the same controller axis to both condition levers using the built--in gizmo. Is there some workaround for this via a config file or something, or if it's not possible currently could you guys consider it for next patch? Thanks!
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