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  1. Yeah, it ain´t humor if you laugh about people, especially when they purchased your product (and for that matter, many other by xAviation too). Its called making fun of. Thats a huge difference
  2. Oh don´t worry, I got the message. I won´t ask you again.
  3. Yeah, could you please google or me what it means to have an attitude towards someone? Thanks
  4. Hello, Unfortunately as of lately I am experiencing CTDs each and every time now that I try to fly the IXEG, or any X-Aviation purchase for that matter. Before I continue: XPlane 11.41 IXEG Version 1.32 Chose "Latest stable Gizmo Version" Windows 10, 2004 Geforce GTX 1080, Driver 451.67 i7 7700 K | 32 GB RAM The error occurs as follows: Whenever I choose the IXEG - or any other X-Aviation purchase I made, be it the TBM, Saab or Islander - the sim loads the aircraft seemingly fine but then crashes within two or three seconds. No error message, nothing. But it happens each and every time. I recorded a video of it, you may watch it in my Google Drive: Link Attached is also my (regular & Gizmo) Log-File. If you need anything else please let me know, I´ll try to respond quickly. Greetings GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  5. Oh ok, I see. No harm. Was just wondering how it works in general. And no, neither did I claim false things nor did I ask for support in my review. It was just that, a review that isn´t 5 stars.
  6. Hello I purchased and reviewed your aircraft. Review was entered last friday, however it is still not visible. Has it just not cleared yet the review by an authorised person, or do you generally do not publish reviews that aren´t 5-stars? Greetings
  7. Looks really good externally
  8. Hi Steve, I identified the culprit: When I load up KTTF, the VRAM gets hammered with 9804 MB of textures. Since the GTX 1080 "only" has 8 gigabytes, it just stutters like crap. Good news is that turning on texture compression allowed me to keep all the other settings while only loosing about 5 FPS but gaining fluid simulation. Anyhow, if you could provide a version with less dense textures / trees I´d be more than happy to try it out! Greetings
  9. Having issues as well. FPS are very unsteady and jump from 50 FPS to 15 FPS within a second. My system is powered by i7 7700K GTX 1080 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz CL14 SSDs Only (NVMe and SATA, with seperate drives for XPlane and Windows) Even with the default Laminar C172 analog gauges its unflyable for me. I own many sceneries but haven´t had such issues with any scenery before. Even Drezwecki Design New York XP & Airports is smoother than this. Pretty disappointed tbh. I use XP 11.11 and run a 1440P display. Settings are below.
  10. Hello, I am using the IXEG Boeing 737-300 version 1.2 in XPlane 11.11 (latest non-beta). My issue is that the plane ignores the bank limit set on the MCP. Thanks to that the plane attempts to turn with almost 30 degree of bank while flying at .755 mach. I don´t believe this is how the plane is intended to work, so any help would be greatly appriciated! Greetings beHaind
  11. Thanks for the list, It does look good! I am however missing one feature on the list, hence my question: Are we going to get a cabin that lights up with V 1.1? I personally do not need a fully modelled cabin, but I would love to see the cabin finally lit. Its always weird to have a plane flying trough the night without any interior light what so ever... Best regards, Nils
  12. Sir, I do have that enabled and still clouds popping (on camera, I record each flight with NVidia Shadowplay). System is set-up according to manual and pretty strong (4.4 GHz Intel i5, 16 GB RAM and NVidia GTX 1080)
  13. Nice to hear that you keep developing SkyMaxx Pro. However one thing that really needs to be improved imho is the cloud puffing. I use SMP since Version 2 and bought RWC the moment it was launched, yet I still have clouds popping up or dissapearing right before my eye (Weather data is coming from Pilots Global Real Weather). I really wish you could fix that once and for all.
  14. Hello all together, I am having some issues with my IXEG 737 as of lately. First of: I am running XPlane 10.45 with the IXEG Version 1.0.7 on Windows 8.1 64 Bit. Now to my two problems: Complete loss of power: Sometimes it happens that I am sitting on the ground, connected to the GPU/APU, setting up everything for the first flight when suddenly all goes black. Although I have the battery switched on and am connected to either GPU or APU the whole plane just goes black, as if there was no power. I can not restore power, the plane is just "done" and I can not start it up Random flickering of textures: This issue is also correlated to the first flight of the day. Whenever I start up the plane and fail to connect the GPU within the first two to three seconds the "Fuel Valve closed" sign (among others) starts to flicker like crazy. Even if I restore the power via GPU, those signs will keep flickering for the rest of the flight. I have made a video to capture those issues. I hope you can help me. Just to make clear - I bought the plane legally and paid 75 USD for it. It is a legal copy. In case of doubt I attached a screenshot of my purchase and I show the Aviation window for X-Aviation products within the video. Speaking of which, the link to the video is right here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tf6hr24kyjhmltz/AADHXRBPHe-RMdW0GQGfcxuIa?dl=0 Thanks for your help in advance! Best regards
  15. Also have this issue since the last SMP update, however it takes about 30 minutes to occur. I then tried to disable SMP inflight and re-enable it. Worked fine and then the stutters were gone for another 30 minutes. So I think there is some sort of memory leak or so.
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