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  1. yeah thanks, i too used to airliners, applying full reverse as soon as main gear touch down lol
  2. cmbaviator


    same here, only works when intercepting
  3. yeah but what are the folders names that contains the xplane airac ?
  4. thanks, but can you tell me the folder in Xplane, because navigraph update the XPlane 11/Custom data
  5. yeah very unstabble, even 1mm of joytick deflection and the pitch rate are crazy, almost impossible hand fly ( even after setting sensitivy to 50 % for the elevator axis)
  6. it may not be due to reversers, i noticed that after disconnecting AP, the rudder trim was set full left ( Crosswing 25 kts from the left)
  7. Hi, After touching down, i engaged the reverse and my tbm went full left, anyone had this ?
  8. in orddr to have vnav, you have to enter aircraft weight before getting airbone right, how to enter those weights ?
  9. Yeah same, but i think that when on final approach, better reduce speed to Vapp ( 85-90 Mph depending on weight) by doing so, you wont be all the way nose down
  10. FPS bonuses, didn't expect that
  11. I'm also planning to have a brunner force feedback somewhere next year. Would be nice to see if it will work perfectly with the tbm before purchasing it
  12. strange because in the 900 manual, it said that the NG should not go over 100.3% and on the 910 screen, you are over 100.6%. Strange becaseu from what've undertood, it's the same engine
  13. Does Hotsart have an idea on what they will develop next after fixing and adding the eventually missing features of the TBM900? I think a TBM 930 extension could be nice espcially with the garmin 3000 as the airframe seems to be almost if not identical (http://www.tbm.aero/products/tbm-930/). An ATR72-600 could be nice aswell xD
  14. Ahh, so we are to this level of simulation,
  15. i have a joystick with little deflection and even with senstivity at 100, it's sensitive as hell lol
  16. Hi, First of all, thank you for all the updates. To be honest, i find it a bit PITA to always unistall the TBM and then to redownload all the files, reinstall it and re activate it.. Could we have in the futur something like an updater.exe in the TBM root folder so that we just have to execute it , it will then just check if an update is available, if yes, it will download only the updated files. Thanks
  17. agreed but on the same time regarding performance in the G1000, it only take USG, so better get use to it, as a quick rule of thumb ( can be done mentally) 1USG = 4kg (1-0.1) = 3.6Kg / exact :3.79kg basically X USG = X -10%X kg 10 USG = 36 Kg / exact 37.9kg
  18. performance are good default airport CAVOK (65FPS) Airport scenry from aerosoft ( SBSV) CAVOK: 50 FPS setting : 1440P GTX1080ti 4790k 4.6 GHz
  19. can you upload a short video on the matter ?
  20. what do you mean you can't use it ?
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