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  1. I can load up the plane just fine, but after about 2 - 3 minutes in game I get a message as depicted in the picture. Is anyone else experiencing this? It happens without fail every time and only for this aircraft. Running most current TBM and XP 11.31
  2. The 900 and 910 are the same except for a few interior changes.
  3. Well, folks, this is what you get when you don't follow a checklist and wing it. Didn't notice my inter sep was still on even with it on the CAS. I'll do another flight today and get back to you all.
  4. I'll start off by saying this is an amazing product and thank you to the developers for taking the time to make this. Also, I'm not sure if this has been brought up yet and I apologize if this has or is a known project to work on. I sometimes get to fly a TBM 910 and what immediately caught my attention is the ITT is off in respect to the TRQ setting. In real life I can cruise at 97% TRQ and not have any over heating issues when at altitude. I'll usually see ITT around 750-810 at atltitude with TRQ set to 97%. It's also easier to over torque the engine than over heat it in the real aircr
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