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  1. Don't think it has any support round earth as far as I know. Doubt it will ever be re-purposed to make a flight sim. But like Ola mentioned, working with a physically based shader system is wonderful, and fairly straight forward. This is what I would wish for the most in X-plane....well that and maybe an FBX to OBJ converter Perhaps a pre-flight inspection would look like this (THIS NOT MY WORK!!!)...Again this is all direct from the engine, in realtime.
  2. real time rendering test in UE4 that i made late last year. I've been doing a fair bit of development in unreal lately. It's a lot of fun! everything you see in the vid below was done in real time, including the fancy DOF, and color grading, effects.
  3. Better image of the problem: looks good at night though
  4. Hi Tom, Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I am having trouble with the specular map. You can see in the images below, that I am trying to have the brick be bumpy but not shiny at all. The normal map is correct in the brick area in RGB channels, and I thought if I had all black in the alpha channel for that area i should get no shine at all, but what i do get is.... shinyness! Pictures explain it better. What am I doing wrong?? Thanks! -Chris
  5. Very cool. The final video turned out great! Definitely going to check out Octane..... I just got a new workstation at the office and it has a Quadro K5200 8gig and a Tesla K20 5gig. We are currently investigating our real-time rendering options for Arch Viz, so we looking at unreal 4, unity, VrayRT, etc PS, I also plan to put x-plane on it to see how it goes. ;-)
  6. Hi Frank, I'd be happy to beta test. Windows 8.1, Nvidia GTX 780 6GB vram. Sent from my SGH-T769 using Tapatalk
  7. well that look's lovely! ^^^ renders are still a little noisy, but the modeling looks great!!! what rendering engine are you using?
  8. Fire Trucks need a place to live, no? This is station No. 1 (of 2) which directly adjacent to runway 5L/23R and serves as the headquarters for the department. Metal panel texture still needs some love, and lights will be added.
  9. Thanks for the encouragement! As far as freeware or payware, we are still discussing this internally, both ways have their pluses and minuses, but rest assured, whatever we decide, it will be payware quality (if not beyond) for sure!
  10. Started on the Crash Trucks, these will be animated via the GroundTraffic Plugin, hopefully with working snozzles! . My goal is to have them do a training run once a week, and have them line up along the runway if you approach with an engine out/on fire. I have a version with the lights flashing as well, but I am still suffering with a bug with those lights (PD_lightbar) if I have HDR on and Skymax running, they look awful. Apparatus: 991 "The Beast Master", 2007 Oshkosh Striker 3000 (will also be doing, 990, 999, 992 and 993 seen here)
  11. Quickie Update: I totally redid the textures for the Concourse and Jetway...don't mind the horrid ground texture...just in there temporary to get Jetway placement correct. As always...it's a WIP.
  12. Ok, so I figured it out. Since there are no out of the box lights like this, I had to animate my own. I have not tried the strobe yet, but I think that will be a simple On/Off animation. I tried the harder Amber rotating beacon and I got it to work. Basically there are two lights being animated... a billboard and a custom spill light (see the test below) I can elaborate if anyone is interested.
  13. Hi Ola, Modeling and texturing on these is wonderful, well done! Not to hijack the thread too much but do you play Train Fever? I am thinking of buying it when it is released. It uses the cityEngine SDK to procedural generate the buildings (which is something I would love to get x-plane to do). It seems like an awesome "game". -Chris
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