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KDTW payware WIP --- KDTW+KYIP+KARB+more!


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MOTOWN LIVE! for X-plane 10

KDTW and the Metro area by Attitude Simulations 


750 sq miles of high quality orthophotos, accurate city and airport buildings, custom modeled airport mesh, animated objects and scenarios and so much more. 


The package will include KDTW and all smaller fields within the Metro Detroit area. update: 1/18/2016 - KARB and KYIP will be included in a separate package...


Some of downtown Detroit will be released as freeware.


Our web-site will be up later this millennium...Stay tuned! ATTITUDESIM.com (will remove slash once online)









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Right now I am working on a freeware KPTK which isn't to far from KFNT. :)


The plan is to fill the rest of Michigan up with freeware when I'm taking breaks from the more intensive modeling. So who knows...


When we add-on a few more developers to the team things will get rolling for sure...Some Big projects after KDTW.


---Here are some shots of the upcoming freeware...



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Wow that looks incrediable! I'm very happy to see a quality developer finally bringing some quality sceneries to Michigan. It would appear to me that you've found a way to raise the bar to another level in X-Plane 10 scenery development. Well done sir.

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Well hot digity!


I am very glad you are excited, I am actually putting the finishing touches on a focal point and If I can make all the necessary equipment to go along with it tonight something nice should be around tomorrow... ;)


As far an official update on the progress as a whole...I am currently working on KPTK freeware, Downtown Detroit freeware and major DTW focal points. Plus filling in my library with goodies...

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Not sure how I missed this until now!


Man, this project looks good. This looks like it was made by FlyTampa! Kudos to you man, you've got a knack for 3D modeling! This will be a highly anticipated release!

I've been keeping a close on eye this one since I first caught wind of it. If the final product ends up like any of the screen shots, this potentially could be even better then FlyTampa's work, The quality of the texture's are unlike anything I've seen in X-Plane so far. I knew it was only a matter of time before the developers started to unlock what this platform was truly capable of doing.

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That's incrediable! Just wow, you sir are truely building a game changer. I have very high hopes for this scenery. Looking forward to seeing some screens of your ground textures. Good ground textures are extremely important. That can make or break a scenery. If the ground textures will be anything like the buildings you've posted so far, this will be a definite game changer for X-Plane 10.

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I've spent weeks and weeks on ground textures. Edges, stains, skid marks, oil slick, puddles, broken ground, cracks, super hi def weathered taxi lines and ground markings, with multiple concrete and asphalt variations...As soon as I get the focal points done, i.e. Terminals, Bridges/tunnels, etc. I will start showcasing the lovely "colorful" airport terrain...

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