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Piper Archer III Announcement


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I posted in another thread not too long ago, but I've decided to make an official thread to keep track of progress easier. This new Archer will be pretty detailed in tidbits and features you would find in the actual Archer III. So far there's a total of four people working on this aircraft, including myself. At this point in time, the 3d modeling is 90% finished and slated for completion within the next few weeks. At that point it will be packed up and textured, as well as animated and attached to the flight model.

The workflow breaks down into this order.

Flight model: Morten/Scott

3Dwork: Jason

Animations: Goran

This is where the project started a few years ago.







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Very nice ... I'm going to be a bloomin' pauper when all these magnificent new aircraft hit the shelf on x-aviation.

Always thought that "can't wait" sounds like such a pithy remark ... like it's something one says when one can't think of anything remotely intelligent to express a desire (for a product that is) ... this time it's appropriate :D ... just can't wait!

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