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Zroman's 777 Released


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Z, wow you have some witty replies, not. I suggest you save this thread in a safe place and re-read it in 5 or so yrs time..

Courthouse? Make sure you tone your performance down.

lol it's a jazz bar and dance hall in toronto, very nice place. i'm singing, playing piano and saxophone there tonight!

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I've been quiet and acted as an observer to this thread, but it's time to jump in.

First off, I believe people can make a change. It is possible, especially with peer pressure to do what's right and we've seen it happen here in the past. Because of this, I've been relatively open-minded and hopeful Zroman would do what's appropriate though it's apparent his maturity level is just not there at this time. I'm sure in the future he'll look back (if he does) and realize his actions here were highly immature. Living and learning is what we do in life, after all. We've all had our moments and if any of us deny that we know deep down we're lying.

All this said, majority of the people in this thread have a common theme going here. They do not respect Zroman for his past actions. Actions which have caused a damage to his reputation well beyond an easy task to repair. Converting aircraft from MSFS to XP is one thing. Doing it without permission or utilizing others' already copyrighted X-Plane work without permission is also a no-no. I have been fully aware of Zroman's previous actions, though as I believe people do generally "live and learn" we have allowed him a chance here. Initially I believe this started out okay. Yes, he got flack from several people here, but this comes with the territory of dealing with the bed you have made by previous negative actions. It is experiences like this that generally change a persons mindset to change to the point they want to earn peoples' trust back. Unfortunately, Zroman's just not capable of accepting why people are upset at this time. Instead, he further antagonizes the situation. The biggest testament to this aside from his previous posts here are in his profile interests:

Music, singing, being sassy, attracting attention, x-plane, aircrafts, flying, piano, saxophone, flue, clarinet, violin, drums.

He's definitely attracted attention, but it's not positive in the least.

Lies are the clearest indication that Zroman has no intention to change, and I'll point out a few quotes that are from postings here by Zroman to show you he has little intention of changing at this time:

either way, my A321 will be my first aircraft created totally without any base models.

When only a few posts later he has tattled on himself (likely by mistake):

the airbus cockpit i'm using is the default FSX one.. not the project airbus one...

And again:

I am also developing an Airbus A321 from the default airbus and a CRJ from the default CRJ, both equipped with 3D cockpits!

The most troubling side to this is these are admittedly default MSFS 3D meshes. The chance of Microsoft themselves ever condoning this is next to nil, and it further proves that Zroman has not taken initiative to make a change. He may have gotten permission for the 777 (as has been shown), but straight away he's going straight back to old antics.

Ben has been relatively vocal in this thread as well. While I'm not as direct as Ben, I do respect him for sticking up to the justice of the situation. Ben is quite honest when he speaks, especially when it comes to things that go against copyrights, permissions, or contracts. As someone who has been burned before I believe it hits home easily to the point the tolerance level for such behavior is near non-existant. All in all after assessing the situation here, reading Zroman's posts and deciphering what is honest and what is not, I do agree with Ben and most of the others who have posted in this thread.

Nicola, I believe you have the right mindset and I agree with you as well. Unfortunately, I think the mindset isn't "ready" for someone like Zroman. He's just not willing to be mature enough at this time to raise up above the masses and prove others wrong. My quotes above are the simplest form of proving this. His profile interests further solidify it. In reality, the 3D artwork Zroman has so far released is created by other people (MSFS developers, and the ACF files are created by X-Plane developers). Merging the two together takes a little bit of work, but it is not a crazy talent. To be honest with you, I thinks it's tougher to make an acf file from scratch than it is to do these types of conversions in the manner Zroman has. That's a personal opinion, of course and not meant to discount anything other than being straight up honest.

good! we can all use a little less of you...


At this time with the mentality you have and the path you are headed, you will not even begin to compare or amount to what Ben has contributed to the community over the years. His contributions both in the form of knowledge and content are insurmountable.

Because of the current situation, the common theme amongst members here, Zroman's apparent will to NOT make a positive change, and the continual web of lies we are electing to ban Zroman from the forums. Perhaps in a few years down the line Zroman will have gained some maturity and utilize his talent properly.

If anyone has any concerns regarding this please don't hesitate to contact myself or an admin.

This thread is now closed, as I feel enough people have had a chance to say their bit of opinion and the only place we'll further go is circles.

All the Best,


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