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  1. lol it's a jazz bar and dance hall in toronto, very nice place. i'm singing, playing piano and saxophone there tonight!
  2. lol it's funny how the only people who dislike me are in the x-plane community. i gotta go, i have a show to perform @ the courthouse
  3. good! we can all use a little less of you...
  4. i would rather eat a grenade, kiss a bush master, eat a puffer fish whole and then jump in the mouth of a great white shark
  5. words to live by.. thanks. good luck doing you, imma go do me somewhere else for now
  6. nah, it's cool, not expecting anything. got a life to live outside of this place so i figured, meh, might as well leave it be for now. it's not like i'll be missed anyways!
  7. http://zolanskisden.blogspot.com/2012/03/start-swallowing.html that's it.. after some thought, i've come to this conclusion. the blog is now terminating all aircraft projects for public use.
  8. wow... i'm impressed... i actually couldn't beleive that you are 15, you are sooo mature... (no sarcasm)
  9. lol u know what... FINE imma listen. so here we go.. and trust me boyz, this ain't easy HI! i'm Zroman, a developer for x-plane .org, and this forum post is for announcements about my 777-300er, a conversion of Hiroshi Igami's 777-300ER, permission to use the model can be obtained a few pages back! I am also working on several other POSKY aircraft, including the 767, the 777-200ER (which will most likely be objects for the XPjets model and not a full aircraft) the 747-400, the 747-8 and the 737 NG series (the -800 will be strictly for the X737 model) I am also developing an Airbus A321 from t
  10. lol. you actually think that i'll change? p-l-e-a-s-e i'm doing this for laughs! after all, i have a life outside of x-plane plus, if i get banned, i'll still produce aircrafts... at a faster rate if anything. besides, i'm only fourteen, i'm gonna do what i want, not grow up yet... you want maturity? perhaps you should go to a retirement home, or your mother's home. trust me you won't find it in any user here afterall, you act just as bad as i do, think you're a good person bitch please, i'm twenty times better. i look forward to meeting you in person, if that ever happens. besides, they're
  11. well played namaui... well played...
  12. lol pick it apart on it's release and check for yourself! after all, idc
  13. well, i don't wanna get my act together anymore
  14. lol and one more thing, idc if you listen or not, i've got other sources (facebook and yahoo to name a few) and there will ALWAYS be people talking about my aircrafts, after all, it's not like you guys are doing a good job satisfying them with good freeware models of the planes that THEY want... and let's be honest, that statement is the truth...
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