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  1. Wonderful work Nicola, thanks.
  2. Then it must be the VC-10's big Russian brother, the IL-62.
  3. Why? Nevermind, saw your rant.
  4. Odd, that's the reaction I've been seeing from most people, but I can't really see why its such a big deal. I just think it's funny and unique, kind of like this helicopter:
  5. Seriously though, amazing work guys. You're pushing the bar higher for aspiring developers everywhere.
  6. Why would you ever suggest such a thing?
  7. ...and cue apologetic attitude in an attempt to win back everyone you alienated during your tirade so that you can stage a "surprise" comeback in the near future. Very predictable.
  8. After stealing numerous aircraft bits (CaptainSim 707 exterior model, XPFW 737 flight model, XPJets 777 airfoils, and the Project Airbus A321 virtual cockpit to name a few) and being banned from a number of places, you are a fool for trolling on one of the last few places where interested people can listen to you.
  9. Who's this "Brent S"? Doesn't the term "swagger jacker" apply to you? Last I checked six7 nor "Brent S" stole any of your ideas and passed them off as their own, they banned you for doing that. It's a shame, I really felt this way about him earlier on. It would have been nice having someone properly converting and improving FSX freeware for the X-Plane community. But now all I see is a punk seeking popularity on the internet, who thinks he's a big man because he can threaten people on a blog.
  10. So if I buy a painting and get it framed, now its an original painting by me? You're right. However I must have missed the messages between you and XPJets regarding the use of their 777 airfoils in "your" 777. After providing so much for free, there's something wrong with being compensated for your work?
  11. It's inaccurate to call them "your" aircraft. The exterior models were a labor of love by other people within the MSFS community, and the flight models you've all copy-pasted so far were created by other people (occasionally without their knowledge). The only people who keep "your" aircrafts "going strong" are either uninformed about you, don't care if you've stolen anything, or know you've stolen things before but don't care because all they see is a shiny animated exterior object.
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