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SR22TN Engine oscillation See video

Yo Dizzle

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What framerate is your sim running at? I can't get a great look from that video but it appears that it might be quite low. This is dependent on the X-Plane graphical settings. If the CPU is fully saturated, it can block our engine model from running causing the engine oscillations. 

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Here is some pics of my specs.  Running the xaviation SR22TN.  Seems so slow and sluggish performance.  The oscillation is unbearable.  I own an SR22T and its not even close to the feel.  I am desperate and willing to get a new computer set up if needed as I have a beautiful real sim cockpit and can't use it as is.  Cleared all mechanical issues, tried all adjustments to settings, mixture, boost etc, barely climbs without stalling.  On the past thread I put frame rate and other pics..... Please help a sim novice.








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