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My (temporarily) solution for the Throtlle axle - Honeycomb Bravo

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Here is my temporary solution to keep Bravo correct (until the official version is out).

0) Download lua file: 



1) put the lua script in the folder: ..: \ X-Plane 11 \ Resources \ plugins \ FlyWithLua \ Scripts \...

1a) Reload scripts FlyWithLua, or preferably start XP.

2) Assign the commands appropriately as I showed in the screenshot:


3) set the axis curves # 3 and # 4 as shown in the screenshot:


Now after pressing button # 14 (originally TOGA), when you are close to the beta range, the Throttle axis will raise and move down slightly (no matter how long you press the button)

In positions # 9 and # 10 (i.e. when you move the levers to the bottom button in your Bravo) - then the maximum Reverses will turn on.

(You can now (with the press of a button) move any throttle to the Beta and REV ranges)

In GUI Performance, check the option: "Auto-stop power levers at detent":


It also improves the behavior that after starting the engines (from the C&D state) the "LOCKS PROP" locks remain blocked (although after starting the ENG Torque 1 and 2 indicators show RPM - and I do not know if this is correct). To release the Prop Lock, the Throttle levers must be moved to the Reverse range.

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I'm going to attempt to describe your hardware behavior @Bulva  Let me know if I'm on the right track understanding it.

As you retard your hardware levers from the ALPHA region towards the BETA region...you approach the Flight Idle position, i.e the "transition zone" (0.47-0.53) in your script.  Because of the checkbox "Auto-stop at detent"...if you move your levers further aft of your tolerance zone, then no harm no foul...we're all good, the levers won't follow.  BUT...you have to be in your tolerance zone to lift the lever so when you do lift if, you don't get any crazy lever moves.  THEN....as you continue to move your levers further aft towards hardware position zero (just above your detent button), you are now controlling the BETA prop pitch directly....BUT...because of your response curve, Bravo hardware position 0 is NOT mapped to 3D lever position 0 (full reverse pitch)...i.e, there is JUST a little bit of negative pitch "still in reserve"  So now, with your joystick at hardware zero and JUST AT the command detent....you can pull your hardware levers aft over that detent and the REV commands will command the 3D levers JUST a bit more aft for full reverse?   And you can tweak your response curve (left side) and the REV command substractions (currently 0.002) to tailor the transition to reverse to your liking?....and I assume the 'flat spot' in your response curve is simply to give you a bit of wiggle room around the tolerance zone?

Is that an accurate description of your operation and preference?



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Posted (edited)

I think you understood that exactly. Just in case, in this thread again, step by step I tried to accurately describe the behavior of my solution. I have also included a link to download a video that shows the MU2 throttle lever behavior with this solution:


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