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Transition from FMC to ILS

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I think I saw some videos where the transition from FMC to ILS went automatically. But it doesn't work for me, so probably I missed something. So I'd appreciate some advise.

- I select an arrival ending at an IAF of the ILS approach;
- I noticed that the localiser was not automatically tuned (while flying the arrival)
- The blue dashed lines did not appear, the cyan FMS remained the active nav source
- manually selecting the ILS as nav source was not available

So, what did I probably forgot?


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You mentioned selected an arrival, but you didn’t mention selecting an ILS approach/runway, just want to be clear of the situation.

Assuming yes, you need to make sure both Pilot and copilot side are in FMS navigation, and the nav source preset is set to VOR1 and 2 (or LOC1/2).

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I tested again today (BIRK, rwy 19, ILS Z selected)

Took off from BIRK, directly to IAF on the FMS. Nav source on take-off were FMS1 & FMS2.

I expected
- the localizer frequency selected automatically - but it never happend. So I tuned the loc frequency manually in VOR 1 & 2
- the dashed blue line when getting close to the ILS beam - but it never came
- after turning based on the FMS onto the runway heading, the system still didn't automatically switch to the ILS - but manually selecting the NAV source did work well this time

The FMS is capable to automatically pre-select the localiser frequency and switch over to the ILS, isn't it?

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@skiselkov attached 2 (very poor from XP internal) video's. I hope you can still see enough, otherwise I'll make 2 new ones.
1st is the FMC set-up before departure. I noticed the ILS course is 000 - should be 236
2nd is just after the IAF till (almost) the runway.

The FMC does not change to the ILS. 


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On 6/4/2022 at 2:45 AM, TMV45 said:

Any idea yet why it doesn't transfer to ILS?

Having had a look at your video, there doesn't seem to be anything obviously wrong you're doing and I cannot reproduce the behavior you've got there. It might be a bug in v1.5 that I've since fixed. Retest with v1.6 when it's out.

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@skiselkov I tested again today with latest version. But now I get this at ILS approaches (only). But now I get this (at the IF). This is ILS24Y @ EHRD but it happens at all ILS approaches at EHRD and EHEH. RNAV and VOR approaches are OK.


I also flew it, but it follows the approach as depicted.

I use the latest AIRAC

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