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When to install / remove nose gear pin?


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What seems to make sense for me is removing it after the hydraulic 3A is turned on but before nose door is closed (to satisfy their respective checklist entires). Then put back in after shutdown checklist, but before securing checklist, as this is when the pax are leaving so the door is open, for doing a quick post-flight walk around.

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On 2/18/2022 at 7:42 AM, severniae said:

As I understand, in the real world I believe a lot of the time they just install the pin, and leave the nose door open between flights.

You can, but doing so could potentially be dangerous. If the toggle switch were to be moved to the “closed” position at some point after the aircraft is powered down, the nose gear doors would immediately close the next time the 3A hydraulic pump is turned on. If somebody was working in the nose wheel well at the time, they could be seriously injured.

On the real airplane, it is actually possible (though not easy) to remove or insert the pin with the door closed. There is enough of a gap between the back of the door and the gear strut. But, one has to have a skinny arm, and a lot of flexibility in the elbow joint! 

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