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  1. On the real airplane the only way to determine the oil quantity exactly is to open the engine cowl and look at the sight gauge on the oil tank. That is not something a pilot would ever do, as opening the cowl requires a ladder and tools. There is no gauge in the cockpit instrument system that will show the total engine oil quantity. The oil servicing system in the aft compartment is the normal way to check oil. Obviously that can only be done on the ground before flight. The lights will either tell you that the engine reservoir is “full” or that it is not. If it is not full, the only thing you can do is add oil using the electric oil pump until the “full” light comes on, and note how much the quantity decreased in the oil servicing tank. The servicing tank holds about 6 quarts/liters of oil. On the CRJ-200, which has the same engine as the 650, we find that the engines typically need about 1 quart every 10 hours.
  2. @Graeme_77Actually, most of the “moan” that is heard from the CF34 engine as it is coming up to speed during start is caused by the change in position of the variable inlet guide vanes in the LP compressor section. These vanes optimize the airflow through the compressor for the current N1 speed to prevent blade stalls. The sound should be the same on every start, whether the engine is hot or cold. I am a CRJ-200 mechanic and that aircraft uses the same model CF34 as the 650 There is also a noticeable “whoomp” at the moment the fuel ignites in the combuster.
  3. Should we uninstall the original version before running the update installer?
  4. The 3A pump only has two positions: “off” and “on” there is no “auto” position. To turn it on, the switch moves down not up. When properly configured for flight, all four hydraulic switches will be in the down position.
  5. I don’t know how thoroughly the failure conditions for the stall warning system are emulated in the sim, but in the real aircraft, the airspeeds reported by the number 1 and 2 ADCs and the standby instrument must all match. On the CRJ, they must all be within 2 knots of each other - I assume the tolerances on the 650 are similar. Also the left and right AOA vanes must match within 1 degree. If the problem occurs in icing conditions there could be an airspeed or AOA disparity. Check the airspeeds on the left and right PFD and the standby instrument, as well as the AOA on the two PFDs
  6. The real IRUs should not be affected by wind unless the wind is so strong that the aircraft is rocking side-to-side. The IRUs are designed to ignore minor displacements in the vertical plane during alignment, such as might occur if a crew member boards or exits the aircraft, (though refueling is not advised when aligning, as the gear struts can suddenly compress as fuel weight is added). However, any significant motion in the roll axis caused by wing rocking can disrupt the alignment. This is most likely to occur if the wind is coming from the side, and can be minimized if the nose is pointed into the wind (if the direction is known).
  7. I would like an invite as well. I own the 650. Jim Barrett
  8. If a fire bottle is inadvertently discharged in the real airplane it cannot be refilled on wing. The entire extinguisher has to be removed and a new one installed. The depleted extinguisher is sent back to the manufacturer (Kidde Aerospace) to be overhauled and refilled. When the extinguisher is activated, an explosive squib fires, which shatters a metal plug in the outlet and allows the pressurized halon extinguishing agent to discharge. Only the manufacturer has the tooling and equipment to replace the plug and refill the bottle. For maximum accuracy in a future update, there should be a maintenance option to “replace” a specific extinguisher (engine or APU) rather than “refill”.
  9. Some switches are latching, some are not. The stab trim switches, Mach trim and yaw damper switches are momentary contact types - they are spring loaded to the “up” position. The only way to tell if the stab channels and yaw dampers have been engaged is to monitor the EICAS. For some reason Bombardier decided to put a light in the Mach trim, but not the others. Most of the overhead panel switches are latching (with status lights), but not all. On the CRJ-200, the 14th stage bleed air switches are lit when disengaged (even if the engine is shut down), while on the 605 the lights only become active after engine start, though it actually has no adverse effect during engine start even if they are left engaged. The APU master switch has no status light in the real airplane or in the sim. That is one that would benefit from a tooltip to indicate if it is pressed or not. The external power switch is another one that would benefit from a tooltip, as it is easy to leave it accidentally pressed in after the APU is started and the GPU is disconnected.
  10. Several years ago, I attended a 3-week initial maintenance training class on the Challenger 604 at FlightSafety. The animated systems graphics in the add-on considerably exceed the official training materials in both quality and detail!
  11. I am a AME certified on the CL604 and CRJ-200. Indeed, in the real aircraft, you really have to “stomp” on the brake pedals hard, or the parking brake handle will not pull up to set the brakes. I just purchased the 650 today and I am extremely impressed. The level of detail in the systems is the best I have ever seen in any add-on aircraft on any platform!
  12. Have you accessed the refueling panel (on the wall behind the pilot’s seat)? You have to energize it and open the tank valves in order to take fuel.
  13. I have verified that "Automatically update my license" and "notify me when my license is updated" are both enabled in Gizmo preferences. The auto-update option has always been set to "on" so far as I know. I went to the "X-Aviation Licensing" menu within Gizmo, and forced an update check, (this with X-Plane already fully loaded), and it did so without asking me for credentials, and reset the counter. It appears that the license will be automatically checked when 2 days remain before the 15-day interval has passed since the last check. That does not seem to present a problem when I use XP every day. The problem, (at least for me), seems to occur when I have not used XP for a period of time - i.e., if I last use it on day 12, and don't boot the sim again until day 20, that is when it seems to require that I re-enter my email and password. Nothing has changed on my computer in terms of hardware for months. I will see what happens when the next auto-update check occurs, which should happen in 13 days from now if my understanding of the log is correct. FWIW. here is the content of the most recent Gizmo log: debug: 4.249: Firmware v18.02.21.1358 debug: 4.254: X-Plugins OBJ8 Loader v15.01.11 debug: 4.445: * gxt.refresh().. debug: 4.448: gxt: AutoLoading.. debug: 4.449: gxt.load: Console debug: 4.449: gxt.load: ToolTray debug: 4.450: gxt.load: HotFix debug: 4.450: gxt.load: Mute debug: 4.451: gxt.load: Preferences debug: 4.451: gxt.load: RebootButton debug: 4.451: gxt.load: GateKeeper debug: 4.452: X-Aviation Licensing: Load license.. debug: 4.454: X-Aviation Licensing: License is valid. debug: 4.512: gxt.load: MAXX_RWC debug: 4.513: gxt.load: LuaGC debug: 4.513: gxt.load: Shell debug: 4.514: gxt: Completed AutoLoad. debug: 22.232: --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- debug: 22.235: Firmware v18.02.21.1358 debug: 22.240: X-Plugins OBJ8 Loader v15.01.11 debug: 22.431: * gxt.refresh().. debug: 22.526: gxt: AutoLoading.. debug: 22.528: gxt.load: Console debug: 22.528: gxt.load: ToolTray debug: 22.529: gxt.load: HotFix debug: 22.529: gxt.load: Mute debug: 22.530: gxt.load: Preferences debug: 22.530: gxt.load: RebootButton debug: 22.531: gxt.load: GateKeeper debug: 22.532: X-Aviation Licensing: Load license.. debug: 22.534: X-Aviation Licensing: License is valid. debug: 22.592: gxt.load: MAXX_RWC debug: 22.592: gxt.load: LuaGC debug: 22.593: gxt.load: Shell debug: 22.593: gxt: Completed AutoLoad. debug: 75.148: X-Aviation Licensing: Auto license update is on. debug: 75.148: X-Aviation Licensing: License days remaining: 15.00 - No update required. debug: 75.148: X-Aviation Licensing: Update required when <= 2.00 days. debug: 85.250: Called: GateKeeper_OnShow
  14. No I haven't as yet, but I have always understood that regular license re-verifications are part of the way that X-Aviation DRM works, and that having to re-enter ones credentials from time-to-time is unavoidable. Even X-Plane itself does this with its own DRM if it has not been run for quite some time. If it has been a matter of weeks since last run, X-Plane will usually present a pop-up window during loading while the authorization key for the installation is re-verified with Laminar's servers. The X-Aviation license check has never been an issue in the past on my system, because the other two products I own that use X-Aviation DRM are aircraft, and they do not load into the sim environment until specifically chosen. The problem I am reporting specifically affects TerraMax, because the seasonal textures load as part of X-Plane's initialization routine. When a license check is active, the textures cannot fully load because the license check has not been completed - but the credentials cannot be entered into the X-Aviation pop-up window because the system hangs while trying to load the textures. When X-Plane finally gives up, the message logged in Windows error reporting is AppHang (for the X-Plane process), and the last entry in the X-Plane log file references TerraMax awaiting license verification. I understand that you do not control the DRM that protects your software - but I wanted to make you aware of this blocking condition, because if it affects me, it will undoubtedly affect other TerraMax customers sooner or later. One cannot predict when the X-Aviation DRM is going to request a credential re-verification. I have been doing most of my flights in the northern US, so at the moment, I have been using the TerraMax "hard winter" textures as default. Jim Barrett
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