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Assigning NUM keys to cockpit views


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17 minutes ago, imn2sims said:

Yes, as matter of fact I got one number working for the overhead but can't make any more work.  Using the same method as always ( set view...CTRL/ NUMPAD#...to save).

Check in your keyboard binds that the “save view” commands are still set up.

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I have the same issue for some keys. It works for every key except Numpad#3, which I cannot store using Ctrl/Numpad#3.

I usually assign the numpad#3 key to "copilot view", there's no way I can save it in the CL650, I have to resort to assigning it to "sit in copilot seat", but it's not my preferred viewpoint.

Of course I triple-checked there was no assignment conflict, could not find any...

Strangely enough it works for all other viewpoints I have assigned (#5 to pilot view, #9 to overhead, #2 to pedestal, and so on), they all work and get saved as wanted, the only one I cannot save is the copilot view

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Well the good news is it is all working now but the bad news is I have NO idea why.  Other than it's a day later so a complete restart for the computer and X-Plane I did everything like usual and it magically worked.  Anyway....... thanks for the replies sunake, Pils, and sinonquoi.

Guess this can be marked Solved with an asterisk :blink:


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