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  1. I have the same issue for some keys. It works for every key except Numpad#3, which I cannot store using Ctrl/Numpad#3. I usually assign the numpad#3 key to "copilot view", there's no way I can save it in the CL650, I have to resort to assigning it to "sit in copilot seat", but it's not my preferred viewpoint. Of course I triple-checked there was no assignment conflict, could not find any... Strangely enough it works for all other viewpoints I have assigned (#5 to pilot view, #9 to overhead, #2 to pedestal, and so on), they all work and get saved as wanted, the only one I cannot save is the copilot view
  2. Hi, 2 CTDs in a row when trying to enter a frequency as preset in CDU 1. Starting from a saved state, if that makes any difference... Log attached Log.txt CL650_Log.txt
  3. Hi all, the clock local time is not working. It should be set manually by pressing "mode" button 2 seconds, then adjusting the hours/min/sec. Pushing "mode" for 2 sec works (the hour starts blinking) but there is no way to adjust the time ("+" or "-" keys do nothing) It's not a big deal, but it would be nice to have the correct local time... Thanks!
  4. Hi all, Gosh so much to learn on this baby, really amazing! So let's say you have stored frequency presets in the CDU, or are using the frequency database for a specific airfield. What is the easiest way to tune Com1 or Com 2 using these presets or database frequencies ? I have only managed to copy a frequency to the scratchpad and paste it into the "tune" page, is there an easier way ? Idealy I would want to prepare directly my tuned frequency and the next one in one or two easy clicks. Possible ? Thanks!
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