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Aircraft sounds fade away and X-Plane crashes


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Just installed 1.0.3 version of SR22 Series Entegra on a Windows 10 platform running X-Plane 11.  Within a few seconds after the aircraft loads, I noticed that the aircraft sounds fade away.   I would turn on the boost pump and that sound would fade away after a few seconds.   This happens for any sounds (ex. engine running, etc.)

I tried to reload the aircraft (with and without the artwork) which crashes X-Plane.   Below are the last few lines from the log.txt file (attached) which seems to indicate a problem with Entegra.  I see this consistently.  Note this is a recent problem starting with 1.0.2 verson of Entegra a few months ago.  The problem did not exist prior to that time.

Please advise.  Thanks!

RealSimGear Device Interface: Resolving commands for line: ENC_FMS_OUTER_UP
RealSimGear Device Interface: Resolving X-Plane CommandRef: sim/GPS/g430n2_chapter_up
2021-10-12 11:08:59 SR22[Main.cpp:727]: #=#=#=#=#=#=#= [PLUGIN ACTIVATED] =#=#=#=#=#=#=#
2021-10-12 11:08:59 SR22[Main.cpp:729]: Init Physics DR Connection
2021-10-12 11:08:59 SR22[generalSystems.h:705]: GNS 430s Identified
2021-10-12 11:08:59 SR22[fmsData.cpp:245]: No Route
0:08:50.219 I/TEX: Target scale moved to 16.000000
2021-10-12 11:09:00 SR22[entegra.cpp:137]: Deferred Init
2021-10-12 11:09:00 SR22[entegra.cpp:172]: Init Paged Parser
2021-10-12 11:09:00 SR22[entegra.cpp:175]: Init airportList
2021-10-12 11:09:00 SR22[airportMaps.cpp:23]: Init Airport Data
2021-10-12 11:09:00 SR22[airportMaps.cpp:27]: D:\Programs/X-Plane 11/X-Plane 11/
2021-10-12 11:09:00 SR22[airportMaps.cpp:28]: D:\Programs/X-Plane 11/X-Plane 11/Aircraft/X-Aviation/SR22 Series Entegra/TorqueSim SR22 Entegra/plugins/sr_systavi\cache
2021-10-12 11:09:00 SR22[entegra.cpp:178]: Init fplDrawer
2021-10-12 11:09:00 SR22[entegra.cpp:181]: Init airportDrawer
2021-10-12 11:09:00 SR22[airportMaps.cpp:36]: Airport DB: Init Load
2021-10-12 11:09:00 SR22[entegra.cpp:184]: Init Traffic
2021-10-12 11:09:00 SR22[entegra.cpp:189]: Deferred Init Complete
2021-10-12 11:09:00 SR22[airportMaps.cpp:51]: Airport DB: Complete
2021-10-12 11:09:00 SR22[obstacleSystem.cpp:13]: Init Obstacle DB
2021-10-12 11:09:00 SR22[obstacleSystem.cpp:26]: No OBD Refresh Needed
2021-10-12 11:09:00 SR22[obstacleSystem.cpp:39]: Init Complete Obstacle DB
2021-10-12 11:09:06 SR22[entegra.cpp:144]: Second Deferred
2021-10-12 11:09:06 SR22[entegra.cpp:194]: Init Entegra
2021-10-12 11:09:06 SR22[entegraDraw_MFD.cpp:93]: ENTEGRA MFD Draw Init
2021-10-12 11:09:06 SR22[entegraDraw_MFD.cpp:130]: Creating Checklists
2021-10-12 11:09:06 SR22[entegraDraw_PFD.cpp:60]: ENTEGRA PFD Draw Init
--=={This application has crashed!}==-- 


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X-Plane doesn't handle reloads all the time. In regards to the sounds, that would be something separate - I haven't seen that before. Can you try recharging the batteries (in the SR22 menu that can be opened via the SR22 item in the X-Plane menu bar, there is a button on the popup)

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Thanks for your quick response to this problem!

I restarted XPlane with Entegra several times with sporadic results.   

The first few times all sounds were consistent and did not fade away- normal operation.  But after restarting XPlane with Entegra several more times, the problem returns.   I recharged the batteries but got the same results.  Attached is snapshot of battery after recharge.

Also, I noted that this seems to affect sounds in a strange way.   For example, after flipping Bat 1&2, I would hear the system startup but soon that sound would fade away.  Then, I would prime the engine and that sound would come on then quickly fade away.  I could flip (and hear the click of) other switches separately.  So, it seems each sound comes on when commanded then fade away.  


Faded Sound electrical sys.jpg

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Not really - this is the only report of its kind. I'm guessing something is messing with the volumes in X-Plane for some reason, or an issue with the audio driver/sound setup. I'd recommend temporarily removing all other 3rd party plugins (besides Gizmo64, as that is required) to see if that changes anything. Do any of the X-Plane audio sliders move around in the sim from where you initially set them? (Take a look when sounds are playing, then another when sounds aren't) 

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OK, the problem seems to have gone away after updating my NVIDIA card driver.   I tried it several times after with none of the problems described earlier.   Just to let others know in case they run into the same issue.

I did notice that the 1.0.3 version of SR22 Series Entegra update somehow lost the hotspot to replace the CAPS card cover after the flight.  I hovered the mouse all over the adjacent area (where it use to be) and found nothing.   The hotspot to remove and replace the CAPS pin still works.   



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