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Low FPS and frequent stuttering (V1.1)

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Hey guys,

Really happy to see the bug fixes in V1.1. Since updating, I'm having frequent stutters and generally low (~20 where I'm typically around 40) FPS. I've been testing with clear skies, and even lowered my texture quality and object density to be sure it wasn't something else. When the stutters occur, my FPS drops to under 5 and almost freezes for about 2-3 seconds. I've tried disabling reflective dials and windscreen - no impact that I can tell. 

I'm using OpenGL (Vulkan always causes me problems); any thoughts on what I can try?

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The only addition in this update that has any measurable impact on performance is the new state tracking systems. The impact should be essentially zero on most machines, especially in OpenGL (some machines run into a X-Plane bug with the Vulcan pipeline). If you share your log.txt I might be able to glean a bit more information,

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Also having low FPS issues.  Cockpit, no power: 26-27 FPS; outside chase view: 34-35 FPS.  As a comparison, TBM-900 cockpit, no power: 34-35 FPS; outside chase view: 44-45 FPS.  Hard to believe TBM-900 faster than SR22!  Log file attached for SR22.  Also very happy with this plane...except for FPS.  I suspect the FPS will take a big hit on cloudy day, it's clear today.  Thanks.

Log copy.txt

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