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  1. Does this mean the SR22 is much more demanding, FPS-wise, than the TBM-900?
  2. Today, with clouds, FPS was 23 with all switches off...like cold and dark. This SR22 is unusable, please figure out what is wrong. You have my log.txt file.
  3. I am using the “old” X-Aviation plugin.
  4. Also having low FPS issues. Cockpit, no power: 26-27 FPS; outside chase view: 34-35 FPS. As a comparison, TBM-900 cockpit, no power: 34-35 FPS; outside chase view: 44-45 FPS. Hard to believe TBM-900 faster than SR22! Log file attached for SR22. Also very happy with this plane...except for FPS. I suspect the FPS will take a big hit on cloudy day, it's clear today. Thanks. Log copy.txt
  5. BobGramm

    No P-Factor

    Will P-Factor be added as an option? Sure hope so.
  6. Thanks for the update. All the issues on my Mac are corrected. Now I can fly again. Initially had the low FPS issue; but, after a couple of reboots of the iMac 27, all is well. Thanks again.
  7. Thank you. Glad I saved v1.1.09 so I can continue to enjoy this plane.
  8. I'm not sure where to look for answer on "Discord." Can you give us a status on fix for ver1.1.10 on Mac OS? Thanks.
  9. TBM 900 V1.1.09 was in my Trash. I always hold on to deleted (Move to Trash) files and folders until I'm sure the new version works. FYI, I also replaced the new Uninstall TBM 900 file with the old one - not sure I needed to do that, but it worked.
  10. I too reverted back to v1.1.09; it works great and I can enjoy this fantastic airplane. I was experiencing the same issues as the second poster; I'm on Mac OS 10.15.2 (didn't work on OS 10.15.1 either). Sure hope someone can help us Mac folks to enjoy the update. Thanks.
  11. I recently purchased the MU-2, what a great airplane, too bad I didn't do it when flying XP 10. However, I too experience the high power when taxiing. Somewhat solved it by using procedure from another poster in this forum - put the blue condition levers (CH Throttle Quadrant) just forward of Taxi, then the Power Lever will go back into Ground Idle and Reverse regions. I can then adjust the Power Lever so as to go in and out of Reverse and can somewhat control the taxi speed. I'm running X-Plane 11.05. Hope this helps the troubleshooting.
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