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  1. Hello, I notice is some online videos that when in PPOS mode the MFD will display not only distance and time to subsequent waypoints and destination, but also fuel and GW at destination. I have the waypoit / dest distance and time, but do not know how to get the fuel and GW at DEST to display. Can anyone help? Thx. Joe
  2. I am at a loss as well - seems numerous others report the same experience. I also tried a totally different throttle, different brand with three different axis and none worked as Throttle 4 - all as my first post. So not sure how it can be my throttle.
  3. I have dual throttle hardware, with a center detent. If I un-check Auto-stop power levers at detent throttle 4 stops working. Throttle 3 continues to work fine as a "Paddle with Detent". This is not a hardware issue. Either physical throttle will work fine if assigned to Throttle 3, or 5. Neither will work if assigned to Throttle 4. Combinations tried for Physical axis: Physical Axis: A (left) - B (right) 3 - 4 (3 works, 4 does not} 4 - 3 (4 doesn't work, 3 does) 5 - Null (5 works) Null - 5 (5 works) 4 never works in any combination or even when it is only one axis assigned. There is no other throttle axis assigned anywhere No response curves, etc per manual - You should observe the words, "Add Response Curve" is correctly showing. If I re-check Auto-stop power levers at detent 4 works in that mode, but I want to use it as Dual Paddles with Detents. I uninstalled 2.0 and then re-installed 2.01 , rebooted, restarted, and yes I read the new manual. Tried 4 blade oem and 5 blade GNS. Joe
  4. Thanks for your reply. I did "try" to set similar to your shot. I found that the default checking "has beta/ reverse detents" added additional values, and in some cases had caused a beta value all the way up. Quite frankly I also did not realize that switching between throttle, throttle 1 or 2 erased these values every time, so sometimes it worked, sometimes not. I eliminated all values except similar to what you have and so far so good. I also turned off the "prop" axis and am using only the mouse which I think helped stability. Thanks for your patience . . .
  5. How can the code be "working properly"? If I assign throttle 1&2 this flat does not work. Throttle movement results in nothing but visual movement. If I assign just one (either one) of those axes to "throttle" it works w/o adjustment to any settings.
  6. I wanted to add I am having a similar issue that *may* be tied to having Throttle1 and Throttle2 assigned (I have a HOTAS that has dual throttle axis). When I switched to just Throttle and removed the other (1&2) assignments it seemed to work. This has been the 5B GNS. I have dual throttles working fine in another ac (CL60). I am new to this AC so still learning. Joe
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