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Holding With the G1000

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Firstly I've been enjoying the product, though I use it for solely instrument work and I've been having trouble holding with the aircraft.

The G1000 traditionally has "OBS" or "SUSP" on one of the softkeys on the PFD, which will appear and disappear depending on the mode of the G1000. This appears to be absent from this model unless I've just missed it. Pressing "SUSP" on whatever active leg you're on would then make that next fix an active hold where your course is your inbound leg. This also doesn't seem to appear when holding at an IAF, where the G1000 asks if we want to hold at the IAF, then makes one lap in the hold. During this time on the inbound leg after doing one lap at the IAF, SUSP would need to be pressed again to make the G1000 do more than one lap.

Any help is appreciated

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The holding functionality of the LR G1000 is not fully featured, we don't have a customization of the navigation system, so any features in that regard would need to come from LR.

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