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  1. dears, short question, during startup of pocket rocket, the startup screen says "aviation data expires (NULL) - 4582055 is it supposed to display current AIRAC cycle ? it remains with this above, independent on what i have in the custom data folder from x-plane ! many thanks
  2. not sure if i am the only one, how is your expierence with the pocket rocket. Usually i flly in X-Plane with a framerate of approx 29 frames /sec with standard Cessna/Baron +REP for example, but the Pocket Rocket makes the framerate drop to around 13-15 frames/sec can this be improved ? PC is Core i5-8600k, AMD Sapphire 580, resolution 1440p. hot high end but bad time for new graphic card :-) are other aircraft like the SR22 have also high framerate input ? otherwise the pocket rocket i do enjoy a lot, great little aircraft ! many thanks Franz
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