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  1. Are you guys flying in VR with this bird ? hesitating at the moment because of VR no improved. is it usable ? have honeycomb alpha and bravo, so eg if the throttle does not work as good as in the TBM900 i can live with it but are the switches and knobs usable in VR ? HP Reverb G2 here.
  2. is usually a license problem, it can’t verify your license. Try checking the gizmo plug-in and your license credentials
  3. Didn’t you send the changes to goran ? Seem no VR fixes in the 1.1 ver.
  4. would be great if you could attach the file here ! thanks
  5. does someonoe use autorouter with the TBM900 ? kindly could you send the share code. many thanks Franz
  6. yes i know, trying to avoid clicking at the wrong areas ! just have seen the option to disable Popouts in the Phenom 300 from Aerobask, is a nice option. thanks
  7. similar discussion here https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/242010-program-a-hold-in-x-plane-1000/&do=findComment&comment=2162124
  8. dears can i disable the popout of the instruments ? in VR, each time i click somewhere next to a button, a big instrument screen is in front of my nose ! not only the G1000 but also auto pilot panel for example. thanks
  9. in the meantime in VR, flickering disappeared almost entirely. up to date driver 21.10.2 Adrenalin.
  10. i got the SR22 G100 yesterday - what a great aircraft. alone the engine sound beats all. it flickers in VR yes but i can fly with it. still annoying, a bugfix from AMD needed.
  11. hi coop thanks. Sorry to ask but is this problem solved with the newer version or still waiting for AMD ? thanks.
  12. thanks dears. yes does not work without the dll, tried only loading the aircraft cold and dark. OpenGL is an option but in VR gives me very low framerate, would need to turn down graphic setting a lot. last question: do you use this API also on other project like the SR22 ? or only in the PR.
  13. Unfortunately still the same with current up to date driver AMD 21.9.2, flickering in VR with the pocket rocket (fine without VR). have found that when i remove acfutils.dll from plugins folder of PR aircraft, then flickering in VR is gone ! question: what does this dll do, will PR be impacted when i remove it ? why do i have flickering only with the pocket Rocket, with no other aircraft. Not with default LR, not with Aerobask Lancair Legacy, TMB900 operates allright in VR. is noone else using this DLL / API ? why a vulcan issue when all other aircrafts are smooth. If i report to AMD how to prove is on their side. without details i do not think they will accept the bug. any setting or update for the DLL available ? many thanks Franz
  14. short update on this issue: i have a new AMD6900 XT, old card was RX580. now with new windows installation, new x-plane install and up to date drivers the flickering on the MSF/PDF is gone. however in the meantime i fly VR only with a reverb G2 and enjoy it very much !
  15. dears, i have a HP reverb G2 and tried the Pocket rocket in VR. i have strange flickering all over, especially when i turn my head. issue is, i see this only in the pocket rocket, no other aircraft, not in the Aerobask lancair, default aircrafts, hmb sr22 etc any setting wrong ?Log -pocketrocket.txt related to vulkan ? but why only in the pocket rocket. PC is AMD 6900 XT, i5-8600k, 16 Gig Ram, scenery Aipilotx uhd with x-europe. log attached if needed. many thanks Franz
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