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How does the Challenger 650 perform with AMD GPUs?


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I was wondering if the Challenger 650 has similar performance issues with AMD GPUs (latest drivers) as does any SASL-based plugins? 

I really would like to buy the Challenger, but since I switched from a GTX 1080ti to an AMD RX7900 XT I cannot say the plugin system in X-Plane (11 as well as 12) has been good to me. Vanilla X-Plane runs really well but plugin based aircraft (e.g. ZIBO, Flight Factor 757, Rotatsim MD11, Aerobask Phenom 300) takes 38 % of the fps by completely bottlenecking the CPU (an i5 12600k). Never happen with the old GPU.

So if there are any AMD GPU users, could you perhaps report on how your system performs with the Challenger?

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Hi got a 6800XT with a 13600K since december and on XP12 + Chellenger, clear weather, at RJAA (no specific sceneries there) i got 25-30fps in the copckpit (AC off) with the settings below.

If you need more details just tell me



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I5-8600k with 6900xt here. Since i downgraded driver to 11.5.1 Adrenalin I have much better fps, maybe 10 fps more

Cl650 nice in VR now. Good performance. Little bit flickering on avitab, not on the big pdf mfd screens.  but no problem. 
with the new card think you cannot use this driver. 

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