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  1. Hi, my xplane crashed (xplane crash windows appeared and a log was sent) while inserting airways between LFBO and LFPO with this flight plan (from Avitab): LFBO PUMAL UN31 MAMUK UL110 DIBER UN870 MAXIR UN853 VANAS B46 SPR A1 SIROD UH10 DJL LFPO Crashed occured when inserting UH10 onthe line after A1. xplane log is attached. i made a lot of FMS manipulation before that, and it was on the training airframe. Log.txt
  2. Hello, Just to add something to the to do list. When going from AIRPORT DATA then TERM WPTS than back to AIRPORT DATA the pages number remains top right. Next/prev keys have no effects, no bugs seen.
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