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Oxygen Mask


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Thanks for the tip. I tried that, but it doesńt seem to be that straightforward. It does not offer to remove the mask at all times. After clicking in thegion of the mask holder at the ceiling multiple times it suddenly works. I have not been able to figure out yet how to consistently get this to work.


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When I move the cursor to the bottom of the screen, the head with the mask appears.

When I move the cursor over the head,  the cursor shape does not change and clicking on the head has no effect. 

Should the cursor change shape? I tried clicking all over the head and mask, but the mask does not come off...

(EDIT) I found a way to remove the mask consistently: I have to position the mask and the opening in the ceiling in close proximity and then click on the ceiling (the mouse pointer changes to a hand) just below the opening. Only then I can remove the mask....

Screenshot 2018-12-20 at 13.45.05.png

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I'm sorry for necroposting, but I have just reproduced this exact bug, can confirm and also provide a possible explanation. It happens when UI scale is not set to 100% (which explains the reproducibility — @robder likely has a high-DPI Retina screen which probably necessitates the use of UI scaling).

Any chance this could be fixed (along with other bugs that manifest when UI scaling is used)?

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