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Easier tunning HDG and CRS

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Hi Developers and all

There is one thing I would love seeing implemented in the TBM900.

In the AP panel we get three knobs, the CRS and HDG knobs have the press action that sets defined functions which I can access putting the pointer in the center and pressing left mouse button. If I want to change values for course and heading I have to move pointer to the edges, cursor changes to arrows and then either drag sideways or roll the mouse scroll wheel. So far so good.

Problem is that if somehow the mouse slips to the center part of the knob when using scroll wheel it will not change what I want to be changed and worst the camera zoom will kick in. I really like using the mouse scroll wheel to set things on aircraft's panel but today the area around those knobs is really limited to tiny rings.

Could you set those two knobs to respond to scroll wheel even in the middle part, even if the mouse pointer is drawn as a hand? If so I would have a much bigger area, much less precision required and life would be considerably easier



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I have a work around for this problem, mapped all rotating knobs, at least the much used like altitude, heading and HSI to the keyboard. Saying that I will also like to have some change to the knobs to make them easier to use with the mouse. For example for the double knob RealityXP has used upper and lower clikable spots for turning the large and small knobs instead of outer and inner clickable areas + a hand portion for pushing the CRSR that makes all areas smaller and harder to aim at.


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Hi Goran,

Sorry to bring this topic back to life but this weekend a very busy online controller decided to vector me and do what controllers do, you know, sequencing lots of planes to land.

In this very busy stage of flight, the wind changed and so the runway and having to reconfigure the systems and rebrief my landing I've spent lots of time and nerves trying to set heading as requested by ATC, and there were so many requests that I came up far behind to the plane just because I could not easily set heading.

All of this is just to point out that those two knobs (CRS and HDG) are vital for flying the plane and the access to it in the sim need to be as fast and ease as possible. Today take too much time to precisely place the mouse pointer in the right spot in order to use the scroll wheel and any movement of the mouse while setting a new heading will kick zoom in and more time will be spent.

The plane is great and many things have being improved in the last updates but this is still a MAJOR ISSUE and is really compromising my flights,




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