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  1. My bad, second time i started the sim I get the same issue you guys are having
  2. Nope still broken. @Goran_M now your dev has finished the rain work for this update, will work begin for VR rain?
  3. Holy shit I can get rid of that binding now
  4. Wha???? The UP and DOWN is a twisting action?
  5. I had the same issue, and got shouted at my Vatsim controllers lol. I resorted to creating a binding on my yoke. Saying that I think it's just a sensitivity issue which should be easy to tweak yourself
  6. Absolutely agree on that, improve the foundations first. I'm purely arguing the case for VR and that it is the future regardless of pessimism. Working in the industry I'm a little bias but I also get to experience frequently skeptisism converting to pure amazement and excitement.
  7. You don't invest in the future once you're already there, Hotstart should lead the way encouraging more users to adopt. With them already partnering with SimVRLabs that's a good start, but if they continue to push VR support for this and their other aircraft then that can only be a good thing. Once Vulkan arrives I think we'll see the VR population increase as right now VR has compromises. Likewise the VR industry is moving. Oculus are announcing a 1.5 generation headset soon, the Rift S, with even greater tech to come ( see half dome). I also think VR will bring a new generation of simmers. For me personally I never had an interest in aviation, until I tried the xp11demo with the Rift. Since I've been hooked. I had tried flying on the monitor at multiple times through my life, but never cared for it. Being sat in front of a screen is no comparison to being inside the aircraft. Clicking things with the mouse is no comparison to reaching out and grabbing levers and flicking switches. That's my ten cents anyway
  8. Thanks. Look forward to it.
  9. Appreciated, I was unsure as you had a fix for 11.31 but still CTD during 11.32 in an earlier post. Thanks for clarification.
  10. Does this fix the 11.32beta crash that Goran mentioned earlier?
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