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  1. In the F9 view you can slew in all there axis with the assigned keys, that you have to figure out, mouse, joystick rocker and so on.
  2. @shalem, I remember the default G1000 (GNS430 and 530 too) not been very good on procedure turns. Not sure but you might even need to make the turn by yourself (HDG mode) on the correct direction. You may try a couple of things, first and most important fly the same procedure turn with the Cessna G1000 and see if the issue is there too in wich case its a Laminar issue.
  3. Wonderful, thanks for letting us know.
  4. Yes, happens here too, a bit unstable on reverse, the problem is rudder (or nose gear) does not have enough authority to compensate for the strong drift. I wonder if its related to XP and its dynamics or a Hotstart issue.
  5. I have it configured that way for most of MFD buttons, works nice. Must be something going on at your end.
  6. Depends on where you look at it from.
  7. The blur looks good but is a little too much, videos of the real thing are not so strong. From the cockpit view it looks really good. In the external view looks good but as I said a bit too strong effect. From the tower view it looks quite weird. No more is a blur but rather an opaque stream, well shaped but very much unreal.
  8. Weird, its not the airplane or the AP. Must be something with the joystick or other setting.
  9. Yes, key mapping is optional but convenient for ease of access. And the main point is the menus are accesible via the knobs even when the bottom menu is gone, it will be displayed instantly. Of course the cursos must be off (no highlighted text) otherwise the knobs will affect whatever is under the cursor only.
  10. You can see all available charts for any airport. Just scroll down to the procedure field (charts name) with the outer knob then use the inner to browse through the charts and select the one you want with the ENT button. You can zoom and move around the plate with the "joystick".
  11. And maybe also check your XP aircraft failures. I have had occasions when the maintenance was showing everything OK but failures being reported on XP failure list. Once checked worked OK.
  12. There is no other way, but the menu doesn't have to be visible for the knobs to move through the menu. Anyway depending on the zoom level the knobs are not that easy to manipulate, so my suggestion is to map their functions to the keyboard. I have the outer knob assigned to the num keypad 8 and 9, the inner to 5 and 6. Then you can map menu, fpl, ent and dir to some nearby keys and manipulate flight plans and most of the MFD through keys. Much more convenient in my case because I am using realityXP with head movements, anticipation and so on.
  13. Was that on the ground, engine on or off, ir rather in the air?
  14. There should be no sidebar when you fly.
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