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  1. alwasys crashed druing approad and landing in the previous version. 1.19 is fantastic and much easier for landing.
  2. I found the FPS of v1.16 is much better than previous version
  3. I tried to download the installer manytimes but i cannot download it xaviation site at 0 KB/S. Previously, i could download installer of TBM900 and Terramaxx very fast
  4. pressing the y for hide mouse control square, but it will tick the serial port yoke at the same time. Make sure that for before loading TBM the the serial port yoke shoud be unticked in case of map unshowing
  5. I dun have Saab and Mooney, I will try with FJS 732~ BTW, did you use the mouseyoke 1.1 for hiding the mouse? https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/27044-mouseyoke-windows-version/
  6. Dear Goran, I think i have found the reason cause this issue with TBM. Please see the attached the image: 1. If the serial port yoke has been ticked, then i load plane, the TBM cannot show the map. 2. If the serial port yoke hasnt been ticked, the map of TBM works well. I have tested with aircraft with default G1000(DA62, C172), only TBM met this problem if i ticked serial port yoke. As i said i use the mouse to control plane, ticking serial port yoke can help hide the cross of mouse during flight, which make me avoid the unintenioned touching button. Hope th
  7. Hi Goran, I just tested several times. The map works well occasionally . When it was not shown, I have to turn on the avionics by turn on xplane toggles. The image one is the map unshown (it shows the "XPDR fail".) Image two is the map after press the key of avionic toggles BTW my xplane is steam version. I used mouse and keyboard to operate plane becuase i have no yoke Hope the reason of this issue can be found in future. Anyway, Thanks again for your kind support. Merry Christmas
  8. I can see it now by pressing avionics toggles which i defined a key for xplane, as snapshot21 suggested.
  9. Oh my god, it was not the reason. I just carefully followed the startup introduction.
  10. Thank you for your suggestion. Merry Christmas
  11. Hi Goran, I just realise the reason of this issue. Maybe not right. I always turn on the main power swicth(crash up ) and battery on at the same time. Then there was no map. I carefully watched some videos that battery switch should be turned on after warning on PFD. I will try this tmr to check this
  12. Oh my god. My hero, thank you very much. It worked But it is very strange the tbm900 needs avionic toggles to display the map. other aircafts of mine never met this issue.
  13. Hi Goran, It cannot work. I will completely reinstall the xplane and to check. I have bought it for several days and cannot enjoy it until now
  14. Will try. BTW ,here is the TBM 900 log txt. Dun know whether it will be any information about that TBM900_Log.txt
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