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  1. Does anyone have any idea why gizmo v.21 ... crashes all xaviation airplanes ? I also cannot even find the latest gizmo software to reinstall. Log.txt
  2. got it: 1) .... on the ground steering i never had hydraulics pressure up enough since i only had one engine running and i was stationary ... not actively taxiing . 2) ... got it on the right engine .... was able to start only on first time when loaded ... .after that cannot find that "detent" position .... hopefully work around comes sooner than later Thanks!
  3. I am probably missing something stupid here but after upgrading to 1.6 i cannot turn the nose steering for taxi and start starboard engine to save my life. Port side starts fine but no go on starboard. I am using integrated checklist procedures. The previous version was working just fine. Thanks for the great airplane! igor
  4. Thanks for the reply. Somehow the issue just took care of itself. LOVE the airplane; probably the best in my hangar that works most of the time including autopilot functions.
  5. I am running BN2T on two computers (one at the office ... one at home). The one at the office (both WIN 10's) is fine. On the one at home most of switches are not switching; fuel selectors, Bat/Gen selector, Starter switch. They move with my mouse input but not staying on ... immediately reversing to initial off position. Any ideas? Igor
  6. Yep, my bad, i was firewalling the throttle like on underpowered piston ..... all good. now.
  7. Hi, there ... nice airplane. For some reason my engines are cutting off on initial climb out within a minute or two after take off. I am following checklist that came with the airplane. Am I missing something stupid? (the fuel pumps are still running when engines flame out). Thanks a bunch! igor
  8. wow, it looks great! Will be building similar dash. I will go from the size of 15 inch touch monitors that i will use for the Garmin's and go from there to build around for the other avionics. I can totally use your overall draft as a template. Since replicas G1000's are pretty pricey i will use the pop outs from the 3d panels on touchscreens to operate garmins and perhaps build up controls based on Arduino boards and such.
  9. Hi guys and happy holidays! ... been flying TBM for couple of versions and for the most part could handle finicky starting procedures ... yoke power/mixture assignments even though always wished for a simpler power controls management scheme. This new version keeps getting up on fire when loaded with "engine running" option. I already gave up on those instructions trying to start it from cold and dark; just cant afford patients and time-wise to keep monkeying with those instructions. It seems it always flooded or something and needed a dry run to get rid of the fuel residue. Now it is sa
  10. flying on 11.32r2 seem fine until flare on landing at 85 knot speed the plane started climbing and eventually stalled nose up. No steering helped. It looks like mine own piloting even though before it wouldn't raise the nose at that speed. Usually it just settles hard onto runway if I am coming to fast. Now not sure what is the stall speed that I need to get to on landing. had only 45 gallons in each tank.
  11. weird behavior: works on my office desktop Xplane 11.31.c and does not on my home desktop same version of everything? Failed: C:\Users/Igor/Desktop/X-Plane 11/Aircraft/X-Aviation/TBM-900/plugins/X-TCAS/win_x64/X-TCAS.xpl. (The plugin refused to start by returning 0 from XPluginStart.) maddening
  12. Sorry i assumed documentation came from Xplane 10 manual; the font and the color in some instructional windows looked like it could have been Laminar Xplane 10 product. My bad. I guess the answer to my question is no; no way to move the lever to condition side without a mouse? It is ok; the airplane still the best out there. Another questions is; the instructions are a bit unclear on page 36-37 of start up procedures: The Warning sign says "after introducing the fuel never abort using abort position on the starter switch..." and below on the same page and the next one it says "...
  13. The instructions look like instructions for Xplane 10; the font, the color etc. As for your quote i tried to bind those commands to buttons on my joystick but it does not do anything. I use throttle quadrant from logitech and it does everything pretty much but the conditions features. Only the mouse can move it. is there are work around it? the airplane is the best in the x11 world otherwise. Igor
  14. I don't have Carenado plane; there is nothing to be confused with. How about substantive answer to simple question; is there are assignable (working) command for moving from flight mode to condition side? Mouse use is pain in the butt ....
  15. Amen, that and throttle assignment to keyboard or joystick are not working in Xplane11.
  16. I just bought the plane and even flown it from a to z however cannot assign any keyboard or joystick command to move the throttle from power to feather/condition side. Instructions came with the plane are all for Xplane 10. We are in 11 now. What gives. I am not in any hurry to move to dorktual reality mode yet. Thanks for your wisdom in adbance igor
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