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crashes and closes the program Xplane 11

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If the "program closes" you have a bigger problem - usually it´s a hard crash that is associated to plugins not working correctly. The IXEG standalone is not known to cause and hard crashes of X-plane.

You can possibly look in your log.txt after the crash for a reason, but most of the time in a hard crash the log doesn´t show anything.

Standard protocol is to remove all plugins, then add them back one by one until you have found the problematic one.

Cheers, Jan


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1 hour ago, Hullu-poika said:

I have this problem using IXEG and XEnviro at the same time. Crash randomly occurs during the weather update. I have found only one way: not to use IXEG with XEnviro. Unfortunately.

Nevertheless both products are work fine if used separately. 



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