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  1. It's seriously dead? I thought they were gonna work on the doors opening and some other fixes
  2. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/45690-southwest-triple-crown-boeing-737-300-ixeg/#
  3. It appears the Air Tran link no longer works
  4. Is there a chance you could paint the winglets and possibly darken the gold?
  5. I really wish someone would do the Southwest Triple Crown livery...
  6. Make sure you have you physical throttles in the same position as they are in the virtual cockpit. Move your physical throttles till you see the outline of the ghost throttles on the right side of the screen match up, then it should work
  7. That would be a really nice one. I hope they make the colorado one and triple crown one as well.
  8. Maybe a colorado one, arizona one, or triple crown southwest livery?
  9. Tennessee One would be a nice livery addition Strangely enough, SWA did not paint the winglets on this livery
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