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TBM 900 CSL for PilotEdge (and other networks)

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Hey @skiselkov 

Right now I have trouble using the CSL in X-Ivap because its not centered. I can change the vertical offset, but there is no longitude/latitude offset available in X-Ivap (IVAO) as far as I'm aware. So is it possible to export the TBM CSL again? But with the plane centered on the grid. By centered I mean like in the provided screenshot. 



One more thing I forgot to mention. The grid surface inside blender also translates to surface/ground inside X-plane. At least for IVAO. So when putting the wheels on top of the grid, doesn't require a vertical offset inside the xsb_aircraft.txt. If you need testing of the CSL for IVAO let me know. Glad to help :)


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I tested the CSL today on IVAO and 3 things need fixing:

1) the plane should be higher ca.1-2 ft so we can see wheels

2) the propeller doesn't turn when engine is ON

3) beacon lights, strob and nav would be nice.

Any way big thank you to deliver also CSL for online flying :)


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12 hours ago, marpilot said:


this CSL doesn't work well on IVAO so my friend did a complete remake and it is great!

We tested it several times. Three liveries :)

Awaiting approval to upload the new CSL for IVAO .


agree, no animation for this CSL HD, and model has too many polygons, and livery has no details. and I am remaking it as well. you have preview pictures?


anyway better than nothing


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If you would like to use this csl with X-Ivap edit the file xsb_aircraft.txt; replace the existing OFFSET line with "VERT_OFFSET 1.45"; it should work.

EDIT: Don't expect the animations to work, for that the obj files would need to be edited.

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Note about animations.
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