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  1. No I wasn't confusing the primer with the wobble pump, I've highlighted the part in the manual about it above (and by plane manual, I wasn't referring to your manual, but the real world one). But yes, that YT clip clearly shows a lot more 'wobble pump action' is required there. The time between building pressure and starting could have been the issue, although I uses the 'make her cranky' helper button, so there wasn't much delay.
  2. Hi Dan, Very nice! I've only seen a couple of pictures and a couple of manuals, so it's very nice to get this kind of background information from you, much appreciated! While it looked off, I can follow along with the reasoning behind the modification, and if it's the correct representation of what's actually modelled in terms of flight dynamics, then consider this one closed Kim
  3. Not to distract from the report, the slider itself does work, but you do have to move it manually, and it will act as a parking brake then. It just doesn't move exactly like the real thing, and isn't linked to the 'v' key used for the parking brake in 99% of the models.
  4. I noticed that after applying to control locks, the rudders can still move freely. The control lock mechanism in the PT-19 includes cams for the rudder pedals. Also, to overcome the 'glitching', it might be best to 'disconnect' the visual yoke and control surface moment from the hardware control input datarefs.
  5. Regardless of the elevator trim setting, the trim tab position is always asymmetrical. I haven't been able to find much information about it specific to the PT-19, but in general, it looks a bit counterintuitive. Also, the elevator trim tabs are never in a completely 'neutral' position. The only thing that I could find if from the Erection and Maintenance instructions that specifies the range of movement for the elevator trim tabs:
  6. For reference, if anyone is wondering what the average climb profile and take-off and landing performance looks like, this is a chart from the manual
  7. I would like to see that as well, but as there's no electric system at all in this model, it sounds more like a PT-19B, which I would definitely not mind!
  8. I noticed that quite a lot of wubble pump action is required before you get to the required 2.5-3.5 lbs of pressure required. According to the plane manual, only 3 or 4 strokes were needed to build up enough pressure, so that seems a bit excessive. I'm also not entirely sure about the bottom limit. I haven't been able to actually start the engine with only 2.5 lbs indicated on the gauge, but that might also have been just lack of proficiency on my side.
  9. - I can't seem to be able to rotate the parking brake handle after pulling it back, it only moves forward and back. Both in front and back cockpit - On most planes, the parking brake lever is linked to the 'apply max brakes toggle'. Would it be possible to implement that here for easy operation?
  10. With all the great attention to detail, the Avitab issue fixed, and some other questions (like the RPM gauge) already answered, I only have two very small questions left: - I know the flaps are mechnically controlled by the flap lever, but compared to other planes that have this mechanism (the Eurofox/Kitfox/Cub ones, the Robin DR400, and a few others), the movement is really fast, the pilot is really janking that lever and the flaps drop like a barn door. I think a slightly slowed down behavior would be more realistic, and easier to control (although in 99% of the cases, you won't use th
  11. Wow, I was wondering the same thing. Amazing level of detail!
  12. @Uncle Jack Simulations Thank you for the quick turnaround on this!
  13. Hi, I love the new plane. However, the first thing I ran into, is that contrary to other planes, it _requires_ you to have Avitab installed. If not, it will throw a console error in Gizmo, and simply not load the plane correctly (weird gauges, book doesn't open etc.). As soon as I installed Avitab, all problems disappeared like snow in sunlight. Small tweak probably, for a plane I'm otherwise very much looking forward to fly.
  14. Through other channels, I can at least confirm the following: - HDR is crucial to the whole lighting implementation, and necessary for now - The fps issue is under very active investigation - I did not get a response on the other issues yet
  15. During my latest flight, I noticed a couple of issues: - Landing and taxi lights use HDR. This means that without HDR enabled, you don't get any taxi or landing lights. For internal lighting. that's kind of okay, but landing and taxi lights are pretty crucial, and should work without HDR enabled. For cockpit and cabin lights, no HDR also means no lights at all, which is not so great. - I noticed a huge increase in fps (almost double) between day and night time (HDR off). This might have to do with reflections? The difference was literally day and night (high 10's day, low 30 night).
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