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  1. IXEG 733 Vnav Issue

    Thanks Man
  2. IXEG 733 Vnav Issue

    Try to fly From LJPZ to LGSK use the route: BUSET UL607 PETAK UM22 DOBARATS RNAV BITLA UN137 SKP I know LJPZ is too small for operate this bird but just try! I use ZFW: 90.0 lbs Fuel: 15.300 lbs and Flaps 5 for takeoff
  3. IXEG 733 Vnav Issue

  4. IXEG 733 Vnav Issue

    I'm really hope that IXEG make improvement on VNAV in the next update. I was flying to LGSK when plane early start descent accordingly with FMC calculation.. through the clouds I did see nothing but I was thinking is too early for descent based on altitude and disance.. the result is there below on pictures...... CFIT
  5. xEnviro Weather SDK

    Make sense...
  6. Hi Hammer Go in Preferences in IXEG Menu and uncheck the option Draw Vortices.
  7. Livery List & Requests

    Hi guys! Anyone know if these old liveries work good on V1.2 for XP11?
  8. First official XP11 screenshot

    You are right! But was just for fun!
  9. MU-2 Upgrade for X-11

    Nice news.. you will add compability to Realityxp GTN or GNS on v2?
  10. This not an official update for XP11
  11. Someone tried to update the FMC database Without problem?
  12. IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    For me if all FMC bugs are fixed like crashes when change procedures, STARs, approaches, visual... it's a big step and I can fly online well.
  13. IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    Good IXEG team!
  14. What is the next IXEG?

    No one talked about this project again. I think the project is dead!