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  1. mike10

    [SOLVED] issue with WXR control

    That was it... thank you
  2. mike10

    [SOLVED] issue with WXR control

    I have noticed this on a few versions both in 11.26 and 11.30 and with older versions of the TBM as well as 1.0.8 When I try and change the tilt of the WXR the control gets stuck either in the full tilt up or full tilt down position.
  3. I updated to 1.0.8 and decided to try the new 11.30 beta at the same time so I don't know witch one is at fault but after I land it takes quite a bit of power to taxi. this only happens after I have landed and I have checked to see if there is any damage and everything shows like new. Even does it if I don't use the brakes at all on rollout.
  4. I really wish that laminar would provide us with more tuning ability for controllers. I have had a few issues because of this already, one is with my joystick I use for my tiller. however, if they fix that then I can no longer blame my poor landings on the controllers lol
  5. Thanks guys, i used your lua Lua script and this fixed it!
  6. Hello, i am having a problem with the autobrake, as soon as I land they disarm and I have to manually brake. My my setup is saitek rudder pedals for the toe brakes and I have the go flight tq6 throttle using a button to toggle the thrust reverser the thrust reverse part seems to be working fine. None of the axis appear to be sticking or causing interference as far as I can tell
  7. Ahhh, makes sense now, thanks for clearing that up.. funny thing is is I got so caught up in the dome light thing I forgot my packs were switched off
  8. Hello, first time doing a night flight in XP11 with this plane and I found that the seat belt switch is controlling the dome light off puts the dome light to bright auto put the dome light to dim on shuts the dome light off
  9. thanks for the fast response, Jan and Morten! and thank you for clearing this up. I think the problem is in my technique in turns. I was trying to fly it like a small plane. I am going go do a few patterns now and I will keep my feet away from the pedals LOL
  10. Hello, I have a question about hand flying this lovely 733.. It is a joy to hand fly! Ok now for my question, I have never flown a real jet aircraft and I always thought the Yaw damper on large jets like this handled the rudder for the pilot in turns. I noticed that this plane when hand flying I need to use quite a bit of rudder to keep my turns coordinated. Not as much as I have to use IRL in gliders but similar to flying light powered aircraft. Is this normal?
  11. mike10

    The Simmer and Real World Aircraft

    I probably should have added I started taking lessons after many years of simming and on that initial moment of flight I forgot everything.
  12. mike10

    The Simmer and Real World Aircraft

    Hi Rick, I remember your post about that certain other 737 being a little hot.... You probably don't remember but I was the guy that doubted you back then and said that I found it hard to believe that multiple 737 pilots on their team missed that... Well you were right and I am glad to see your still in the sim community. I think your post about simmer flying a real 737 is spot on, I am a pilot now ( only a SPL for now) and I think I would run into some of the issues you talked about because I have zero experience in a plane that big or complex,. I remember my first attempt at taking off in a Cherokee on my very first lesson and how I experienced sensory overload of some sort and came really close to stalling it before the instructor took over, in fact If he said my plane i never heard it, I just felt him take over so I let go. I was was fine after that, but that first initial feeling of flight can be overwhelming and I can not imagine it ending well with a simmer with no real world experience and no instructor trying to take off in a 737.
  13. mike10

    Derate calculating?

    Thanks for posting this, I am going to buy this tool