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  1. Wycliffe Barrett

    More Issues

    Sorry Cameron Perhaps I made to many assumptions thinking that you or pilots would understand the acronyms I was using. I was specifically talking about the Line select Key on the FMC on the left hand side of the FMC. Line select Key Left handside Key 2 from the top. I have done a 3rd install and as I suggested it certainly was 3rd time is the charm and all seems to be working as it should and better. There is just the Better Pushback error which of course there is a workaround for which I will now initiate. Wycliffe
  2. Wycliffe Barrett

    More Issues

    After reinstalling the IXEG 737 again the problem now is that I am having some issues with LSK on the FMC, predominantly LSK L2. This has not been one of the best install experiences. Lets hope third time is the charm. Wycliffe
  3. Wycliffe Barrett

    Failed Update

    this is sorted now I uninstalled the IXEG and reinstalled selcting the stable non beta Gizmo and all is good. I will wait for the new stable Gizmo which i am sure will not that far away. Tonight we fly form EGTE to EGPF
  4. Wycliffe Barrett

    Failed Update

    Hi Cameron< I only use Windows defender I will have another look in the morning, time for bed.
  5. Wycliffe Barrett

    Failed Update

    I have updated my ixeg and I get an error on activation stating that I dont have licences for my other xaviation products. This picture shows you exactly what is happening or not. wycliffe
  6. Wycliffe Barrett

    Engine gauges

    Loving the analogue readouts
  7. Wycliffe Barrett

    FMS and Autopilot

    @david, I agree with you here this one is the one we have all been waiting for. I have been closely following this aircraft for the past 3 years at least (since converting to xplane in 2012) and I know these guys are obsessed with perfection. My credit card is virtually leaping out of my wallet on its own. Time to get out my Mike Ray 737 check ride manual. Wycliffe Barrett Xplane Dedicated www.facebook.com/groups/xpdeddicated www.youtube.com/wycliffeb www.twitch.tv/the_xpd (edited to add clarity to my comment)
  8. Wycliffe Barrett

    SkyMaxx Pro 2.1 Has Been Released!

    As a few others have noted it has been a pleasure being a member of the beta team. Reading all the positive comments about SMP v2.1 just confirms that the testers did a good job in bug smashing and pushing and cadjolling Frank and John into creating the best product it can be. What is even more pleasure is to see Frank come into Xplane Dedicated's live streams. XPD is based in the UK and even with time differences Frank and John will pop in to see us. last night we even had ramzzess join us for a while. How cool is that. Wycliffe
  9. Wycliffe Barrett

    New SkyMaxx Pro 2.0 Screenshots (bandwidth warning!)

    I'm sure I see a couple of my screenshots there. Regarding the OC depending on how you have it set it looks amazing. One thing I will say and this isn't hyperbole, but literally very flight is a visual and screen shotters delight. The number of images I take on every flight has increased by a factor of 10. You can't help taking shots. I have to delete all my screen shots on a weekly basis as my xplane folder us just to full lol. I promise you when you get this you will spend more time wiping the drool from your keyboard, so make sure you have wet wipes and tissues handy. Wycliffe beta tester
  10. Wycliffe Barrett

    EZY2302 MAXX FX Sky Maxx Pro

    yes city pollution theme
  11. Wycliffe Barrett

    EZY2302 MAXX FX Sky Maxx Pro

    john asked if some of us would post images here. Here are three from last nights flight EGFF LIMC
  12. Wycliffe Barrett

    XP Scenery Generator [WIP]

    @tonywob just spent the past 30mins crash reading about this exciting new development. very well done as a 3rd party freeware airport dev this tool is going to be so very useful. I noticed in my crash reading that you mentioned a GUI, did anyone offer help on that front. Unfortunately i am not a coder so cant offer help in that way but will if I find the time today put up a quick review on xpane reviews.com. Congratulations on a magnificent new development. I'll be downloading the software this weekend and having a go with it. Wycliffe
  13. Wycliffe Barrett

    Welcome Aboard, Captains!

    Hi All Finally remembered the user name I registered with, which wasn't hard really as I use my real name on almost everything. The problem for my poor addled brain was that I used my full name to register as opposed to just my first name. Chris K invited me here well before Christmas so sorry for the delay in my joining this band of brothers. I've only recently joined the crazy world of xplane scenery development but with help from a certain individual and my persistent nature I have grasped the wonders of WED. Still a few branches to climb in the learning tree, but as I constantly say when lecturing ( I teach social work law and some other stuff) we learn something new every day, we just can't help it. I feel sure with my own mantra ringing in my ears I'll be able to emulate some of your stupendous offerings in a year or two Merry Christmas to you all and if your in the south Happy new Year and in the North we have it to come in about 11hrs or so depending on what continent you are on. Wycliffe
  14. Wycliffe Barrett

    YPAD Adelaide Airport Photo Scenery - ISDG Group

    Hi Having been invited by Chris to have a look at your latest project I just have to say that those images are insane, just what a beginner to the scenery development world needs. I am in awe of this work. Wycliffe