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  1. pryoski

    DC-3 XP11 compatibility??

    Looking forward to it! The pictures on FB look absolutely amazing ... will be more than happy to pay for it.
  2. pryoski

    V1.5 Here

    Beautiful plane and a favourite. Downloading now. Thanks for all the hardwork guys, you deserve more!
  3. pryoski

    MU-2 Upgrade for X-11

    LOL now you're just being sanctimonious ...
  4. pryoski

    MU-2 Upgrade for X-11

    Oh geez ... Oscar Pilote, I really don't understand what you think you accomplish by this type of goading? Totally unwarranted and inappropriate given the reasonable replies you received. Reasons for the stance on Linux has been reasonably argued in the past, you can be unhappy about it but it's not a negotiable position for the customer, but what REALLY ticks me off about this is I'm likely to run across comments on other sites moaning about how unreasonable the X-Aviation store is. It's their store, their policy and their choice ... it's their business decision.
  5. pryoski

    MU-2 Upgrade for X-11

    Tom, Re hurricane Harvey; you and your loved ones take good care and stay safe.
  6. pryoski

    MU-2 Upgrade for X-11

    My first serious plane for X-Plane years ago ... and she's still a beaut! For me she's the most iconic plane for X-Plane ... obviously that's a personal thing!
  7. Hi Cameron or John, just a quick question about the EULA considering I have XP10 and XP11 installed concurrently on my machine. I have applied the SMP installation against my XP11, and want to know if I would require an additional license in order to use it in 10 as well? It's not a huge problem if that's an issue as I have SMP 3 which I can apply quite happily to XP10. Cheers!
  8. pryoski

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    Thanks Cameron, I bought and installed this yesterday. Very, very happy with how SMP + RWC looks and performs on my system and love how easy it is to go through the purchasing process on X-Aviation. Winning combination!
  9. SkyMaxx Pro + RWC with the latest updates ... is still the best cloud and weather presentation addon for X-Plane and worth every brass penny! Thanks guys, for such a quality addon that gives me awesome skies and increased fps. I see lots of attempts to enhance X-Plane skies but none of them come close to the degree of technical professionalism, precision and artistry of SkyMaxx pro (and I do try those others on a separate X-Plane install just to see what's out there). Simply amazing. With the influx of people taking up X-Plane these days, I tell everyone I can; if you want awesome skies in X-Plane then it's SkyMaxx Pro ... period. Nothing else compares.
  10. Thanks Cameron. Worked a charm.
  11. Well done and heartfelt thanks to all involved. Excellent job on a top plane!
  12. The implementation of camera shake in IXEG 737 is glorious! Wishful thinking I know, but it'd be great if it could be implemented in the SAAB! Tbh, the IXEG 737 is the *only* jet/tube that has managed to lure me away from my beloved turboprops (SAAB, MU-2), small piston GA (REP Carenado C210) and bush planes (Pete's Beaver & the Carenado 185). Yes I have the FF767 but flying her is a bit like going on a date with a pretty girl .. but missing some indefinable quality ... with the IXEG 737 I'm re-experiencing my MU-2 moment .. my LES SAAB 340A moment. True love <sighs>. So, I give thanks to the X-Plane team for providing the environment, Cameron and the X-Aviation team for being the hub of the majority of my must have planes over the years, Ben for Gizmo; it's so freaking awesome, and last but not least the IXEG team (& I know that means some of you get thanked twice lol). P.S. Trying to put my finger on that elusive quality that turns a sim hobby into something living ... and it's soul. The subjects of my gratitude above are imbued with soul. It's there. In spades.
  13. pryoski

    Cessna Citation and other things.

    SAAB update? Love the LES SAAB! Best turboprop, best regional flyer and up there rubbing shoulders with best planes for X-Plane ... period.
  14. pryoski

    Cessna Citation and other things.

    Any plane by the LES team will be an auto-buy from me. They set the bar so high for the SAAB ... it still rules the roost; now alongside the IXEG 737 as far as I'm concerned. Looking forward to the Citation .. good times to be flying X-Plane.
  15. pryoski

    You know guys.........

    Really encouraging to hear all the praise for IXEG. I've purchased the plane, but can't download it yet as I'm still interstate. Flying home tomorrow (RW - Airbus unfortunately lol)... can't wait to try out this beauty!