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  1. I'm starting to get really frustrated with X-Aviation, there is always something.
  2. It takes a bankday to transfer money to paypal sadly, il have to find someones card to use i guess
  3. Hello! I didnt know where else to post this so im sorry if it is in the wrong place. So basicly im trying to buy the Ixeg 737, but my card keeps getting rejected even tho i know for sure that the card is fine and that there is money on it, neither Paypal or Card payment works. I have been trying different browsers and it's the same on everyone of them. i did try to buy it yesterday during the server swap, maybe that made it wierd? Thanks.
  4. I just want to say that you guys are doing amazing work! It is very nice to read these forum threads and see the responses from you developers to all the questions and ideas floating around, one could say that it is a breath of fresh air to see the responses beeing polite and informative. You guys display alot of professionalism and patience with us. Thank you!
  5. Okey thanks. Do you have a link to one? Cheers
  6. Thanks for the quick answers! More time for me to learn the plane properly then i guess Il have to figure out a way to record the sound during flight and then try to sync it up with the replay in sony vegas, a lot of hazzle! Can't wait for the sound to work so i can show of this wonderful plane to the world!
  7. Yes yes, i am using fraps. The problem is that there is no sound at all when watching the replay.
  8. I have read that there is no sound in replay due to plugins etc. I wish i knew that before buying it since i bought it to make videos. Anyways, have anyone found a workaround for this? I guess the only way is to record the sound while flying and then try to sync it, but i would like the sound coming from the cabin, it's a shame really cause the sound in the 340 is supreme! If you have any ideas please share them and help me out! Other than that, what a fantastic aircaft. Cheers /Fabian
  9. Have you figured out how to get audio in replay mode?
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