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  1. DiggerD

    Power Levers

    Do you still have CTOT on?
  2. Did you try resetting all failures?
  3. Do you have ‘Impersonate DRE’ selected on in Datareftool plugin menu? It displays more datarefs. (Can’t remember if ‘impersonate’ is the right word but it defs says DRE)
  4. I have many hours in VR with the HP Reverb on this aircraft and it works fine, sounds are all good. Are you starting the WMR software before you start X-plane? If I don’t do that then I get no sounds from X-plane at all.
  5. Is there any news on the timing if the next update yet. Can you say whether it is going to be days, weeks or months? Cheers.
  6. I had a similar problem recently. I started a new flight in a different location and the problem went away and didn’t come back.
  7. On the GPS: - select FPL to display the plan - activate the cursor - scroll down to highlight PUT - select menu - select Activate leg This is from memory so the buttons may not be quite right
  8. I get the same and I feel it is related to passing through a layer of cirrus. My theory is the cirrus appears briefly in the cockpit like the rain used to. I have a Rift CV1. Regards, Craig
  9. Same with me... very much looking forward to it (when it’s ready).
  10. Hi guys, any update on a VR-compatible version yet? I’m really looking forward to getting back to consistent non-reloading weather at some point! Regards, Craig.
  11. I've had the same effect with v4.0. Stutters every 4 sec or so until I turn cloud shadows off - then no stutter. Regards, Craig
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