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  1. Update: As Cameron suggested, I activated Gizmo Beta with the default C172 loaded. I also disabled Windows Defender temporarily, but not sure if that helped the process. I then installed Skymaxx and Weather Connector and everything is working great.
  2. I'm having the same problem when I choose Gizmo beta. It gets stuck in activation. Getting the same messages as OP, so I uninstalled SkyMaxx and Weather Connector, but getting the same errors. Installed Gizmo stable and it registered fine. Seems Gizmo beta is not working for me on 11.50 b9. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Please consider an additional Fall setting for after the leaves have fallen. With the exception of evergreens, there should be plenty of bare trees. Of course, these bare trees can also be incorporated during winter. Just an idea to add to the realism. Thanks
  4. Just dropping in to say thank you for SkyMaxx Pro. With FSGRW and Real Weather Connector, X-Plane weather looks amazing. Lots of competition out there, but I keep coming back to SkyMaxx because, IMO, it's simply the best all around. Also, thank you for supporting VR!
  5. Thanks! The only thing I would wish for is a quicker transition between seasons, but that is NOT a big deal. It's worth the wait to me, but maybe there's a way to speed it up. Some day maybe have snow falling and it will begin to accumulate on everything.....that would be cool down the road. Maybe wet runways when it's raining, along with the reduced traction/hydroplaning effect. (has nothing to do with terrain.....just thinking out loud). Anyway, I really like TerraMaxx. Just wanted to know if there were plans for growth as X-Plane continues to improve. Thank you for all your w
  6. Hi, I'm still using Terramaxx and enjoy it very much. Care to share any news about future updates? I'm not having a problem, just curious if Terramaxx will continue to grow. Thanks
  7. Got it installed and it's running great! Thank you very much!
  8. @DiggerD, You and I were typing the same comment at the same time, lol.
  9. I set VR up according to the user manual recommendations. I only get the white flash when flying through clouds, so it's like the cloud actually comes through the aircraft into the headset for some reason. It's kind of like the same thing the rain used to do......right through the aircraft. I fly GA in VFR, so I usually stay away from the clouds and the issue is avoidable. By far this is the best looking and most accurate weather environment for X-Plane, and I've tried them ALL. Thank you for continuing to improve. Salute.
  10. Thanks, Sundog. I'll keep troubleshooting my system. I just upgraded from Rift to Rift S and the problem persists. Thank you for the quick response and suggestions.
  11. I'm getting quick white flashes in my Oculus headset. This also occurred in the previous SkyMaxx version. Is there a setting that will alleviate this? I've tried all default x-plane settings with no other plugins except SkyMaxx Pro. Thanks for any advice. Love SkyMaxx.....just need to get this issue resolved. (only happens when using SkyMaxx)
  12. To have an updated Sundowner would be fantastic. I fly a Musketeer IRL, so please press forward with the Sundowner update and take my money, lol.
  13. Need a little help with SkyMaxx Pro please. I only fly in VR using a Rift and when flying through clouds I get a bright white flashing in my headset (it isn't the strobes). Has anyone else experienced this, and is there a solution? I'm using X-Plane 11.31. Thanks P.S. this is the best looking weather program available for x-plane, period. It looks and performs amazing! Just need to get a couple issues worked out for VR as x-plane evolves.
  14. Ok thanks for the quick reply. I'll keep an eye on it.
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