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  1. AKSledhead

    New textures for EADI+EHSI

    I like it, the epitome of a retrofit.
  2. AKSledhead

    Bose Headset

    You're such a nice guy, Goran!
  3. AKSledhead

    First time use training...

    On the top menu, choose: Plugins - TBM900 - Tutorials
  4. AKSledhead

    Cayman Airways WIP

    I haven't had any time to continue working on this or even fly for that matter sadly... so if anyone wants what I have so far, let me know... otherwise I'll work on it again as soon as I can.
  5. AKSledhead

    Anti-collision light

    Actually most nav lights on airliners reflect on dry surfaces... 6 years as a ramp rat behind me for that observation.
    Absolutely beautilful, Dhruv!
  6. AKSledhead

    [Graphics] Lightning Bug

    Yep, it does have something to do with it... just disabled HDR and all was well.
  7. AKSledhead

    [Graphics] Lightning Bug

    Well that solved it then, I'll send a report to Ben Supnik and see if we can get it worked out... For now, I've tested and found that as long as the visibility is 2.0sm or above - no issues are experienced, 1.9sm and below have the bug... so strange!
  8. AKSledhead

    [Graphics] Lightning Bug

    @Litjan Funny thing, I disabled any graphical addons/plugins, and set storms to heavy and the lighting was fine, I was so excited! But then, I set another parameter which I should have mentioned in the original post, the visibility - I set it to CAT II and the lighting issues returned. Could you set your weather settings to what I have below and see what happens? Joseph
  9. AKSledhead

    [Graphics] Lightning Bug

    Team, Strange issue I noticed tonight while flying in some more inclement r/w weather - the lightning creates this issue with graphics in the cockpit. Have tried with all light settings, including as shown in the video with storm and domes lit.
  10. AKSledhead

    Cayman Airways WIP

    The tail looks challenging, I'm just starting a 4 day rotation back on work so may not be able to finish it within that time-frame, if anyone would like to finish it more quickly, I'll be glad to send you the PSD file so far...
  11. AKSledhead

    IXEG 737 Classic Release Announcement

    You picked my first day off to release it?! Woooooo!!!!
  12. AKSledhead

    Pilots' fatigue investigation

    I've once stayed up 14 hours flying London to Singapore, there was a lot of Netflix and coffee going on that night.
  13. AKSledhead

    Things that are NOT going to be in V1.3

    I'm all about pleasant surprises!
  14. AKSledhead

    Things that are NOT going to be in V1.3

    Clicking and dragging is for the birds, hopefully scrollwheel support gets added sooner rather than later.