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  1. deetee

    VA that uses the B737 classic.

    Worldwide Virtual has some 737-300 flights, or you can substitute it on any scheduled or tour flights. http://www.worldwidevirtual.net/
  2. Friend, the X-Plane market already has a number of pretty airliners fitted with basic/generic systems. Great to look at but boring to fly. What the market is screaming out for is more airliners with robust systems that are accurate and faithful to the original. The IXEG 737 Classic aims to be in latter category.
  3. deetee

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - January 12th

    Wow that was a sweet video of a sweet plane, thank you Cameron. Every day we edge a little closer.
  4. deetee

    IXEG 737 Screenshots - December 16th

    Wow - just found a new wallpaper! If you have a 2560x1440 or higher version please post/upload.
  5. deetee

    AIRAC File

    This is the only reason why I use Navigraph Airac data. Their charts cloud is actually very good but uses a separate subscription.As I mentioned elsewhere, the logical path further down the line will be for IXEG to use to the X-Plane GNS430 Airac data, which is available since v10.3x and updatable by both Aerosoft and Navigraph datasets. FlightFactor aircraft use this now on all their Boeings, with Jardesign starting to move over with their latest A320 beta.
  6. Great job guys, my appetite is well and truly whetted!
  7. Nice to see a bunch of mature, down-to-earth developers, who strongly believe in customer relations and transparency. As fellow simmers and former customers of other developers it's clear you guys have witnessed first hand how NOT to release a complex airplane, and are going above and beyond to make sure your customers don't get caught the same way. No half-finish a plane, grab the cash and run off to develop another here! I doff my hat to you gents, you will definitely have my sale on day one!
  8. deetee

    Official IXEG forum now open!

    Would it be possible to opt for the IXEG instead of the real plane, but still keep the air hostesses for that off-duty entertaining you mentioned? :-P
  9. deetee

    AIRAC File

    As an alternative solution, could the 737 not read the X-Plane Custom Data folder, which is in a format provided by both Aerosoft and Navigraph? I believe FlightFactor planes do that now.
  10. deetee

    FMS and Autopilot

    If you guys sold a -400 as an extension to the -300 but at a lower price point (a bit like PMDG do), would that work as a sales model? I think any serious simmer would have both of these IXEG aircraft in their collection.
  11. deetee

    Official IXEG forum now open!

    That's exactly what I meant, thank you.Looks like I need to watch the videos again!
  12. deetee

    Official IXEG forum now open!

    Does the FMS as implemented calculate the Vspeeds in a user-friendly way like the FJS732 and PMDG? Thanks.
  13. deetee

    FMS and Autopilot

    Another mouth-watering video, thank you! As PilotAlpha says a lot of the existing XP airliners have buggy avionics, with devs often spending time on pretty embellishments (or simply moving on to their next project to maximise cashflow) leaving users frustrated. IXEG is visibly not like that, and it will surely attract people to X-Plane.
  14. I have both the Sundowner and the Duchess and would love to see a "refresh", such as mouse wheel support + GNS430/530. There again I understand it might not be financially viable for LES to do that, but at least it would bring them more in line with the competition, and X-Plane 10 has also evolved since they were released.
  15. deetee

    iGoDispatch for Saab-340A

    This looks interesting. Is it possible to import a flight plan? I see VORs in the flight plans, but can other nav aids like NDB and intersections be used? Many thanks.