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  1. @Cameron I think you took my question a little too literally there. I wasn't asking "Is there news you had on this that you forgot to post?", I was asking "It's been a while since we've heard anything about these fairly large remaining bugs, is a fix forthcoming?". @Goran_M Ok, thanks. Glad it's still being worked on.
  2. Is there any news on an update to fix the premature standby generator wear and the inaccurate fuel calculations?
  3. dlrk

    Weird expanding circle

    Fuel range, it's broken.
  4. I similarly noticed my standby alternator showing prematurely very worn.
  5. I'm just wondering how the fuel reserve ring is intended to work. Does it represent a set quantity of fuel, a reserve time at current consumption?
  6. I'll try that flight again without XSquawkbox. It does look like it's logging a lot, but OTOH, XSquawkBox is fairly stable, and I'm sure others use it with this airplane.
  7. TBM and X-Plane log is attached. The TBM caught an access violation on this flight. On a previous flight on the same route, X-Plane crashed shortly before I was going to land, but no exception was caught on that one, although Windows identified it as an access violation. Only addons in use aside from the TBM is ASXP and XSquawkBox TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  8. dlrk

    Speeds in G1000?

    Alright. Tbh, v-speeds on the pfd seems like a frustratingly basic thing to be missing, especially in such an otherwise complete add on. No plan to add in the near future?
  9. dlrk

    Speeds in G1000?

    Huh. Hopefully it gets added soon/eventually. Is there a list of planned additions anywhere?
  10. dlrk

    Speeds in G1000?

    Clicking on TMR/REF, I can start a timer or set minimums, but I can't seem to set the Glide, Vx or Vy speeds. Was this not implemented?
  11. dlrk

    Uncontrollable yaw on takeoff

    I'm also finding that adding power gradually, rather than releasing brakes at 50% and immediately pushing to 90-100 helps a lot
  12. dlrk

    Uncontrollable yaw on takeoff

    Is there a way to more precisely determine what the rudder trim should be?
  13. dlrk

    Uncontrollable yaw on takeoff

    I definitely seem to be getting the hang of it, with some practice and sensitivity tweaking. But is it normal for very little to no rudder trim being required for a low weight? The green T/O mark is completely excessive, at least at a low weight (full tank, 188 pounds in left seat).
  14. dlrk

    Uncontrollable yaw on takeoff

    Goran, It seems a bit better now, so maybe I just need practice. Am I correct in thinking that aileron is needed on the takeoff roll as well? To be honest, I didn't know, until now, that p-factor caused roll. Also I have a couple G1000 questions, should I put that in a different thread?
  15. dlrk

    Uncontrollable yaw on takeoff

    Ok. Just so I understand though, pulling to the right is normal/expected, and it's over correction due to oversensitive controls that's the issue?