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  1. DwightP980

    Elevator Trim

    Well I can't say I haven't made the same mistake a time, or two, or three..... Most of the time in my rush to enjoy the wild blue skies and not following the 'After Starting Engines' checklist, I run into this too.....
  2. DwightP980

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    Well after a couple trips with v1.1.9 all is great! Hats off to the Hotstart Team I even like the addition of the GPU rental charge for $50 in keeping with the realism, and I'm even more happy that I'm not paying for my Jet A+Prist every time I fuel for a trip. On second thought, I haven't received my credit card statement for this month....
  3. DwightP980

    Elevator Trim

    @ColSig As @marpilot stated the big gotcha is not flipping the AP/TRIMS switch to ON. If the AP/TRIMS switch is positioned to On and the elevator trim is still in-op, then take a glance at the Circuit Breaker panel on the right side of the cockpit and make sure the 7 1/2 AMP AP SERVOS circuit breaker is not tripped as this breaker does effect elevator electric trim. Also, if the above is not the issue take a look at your Saitek X56 and make sure the control/s you are using for elevator trim are still assigned. Hope it helps! Dwight
  4. DwightP980

    Almost afraid to ask about this bug.

    @JackSwyr Glad to hear you got the ice skating sorted out The XSquawkBox is a client used with VATSIM for live communications. Lots of videos online on it's setup and operation which I've not yet got through. Blue skies, Dwight
  5. DwightP980

    Almost afraid to ask about this bug.

    @JackSwyr Hello Jack! Sorry to just be getting to this, but I've been crazy busy the past week and was on vacation the week before. I'm still scratching my head as to what is causing the input error you are having. The closest I personally have had to this type of problem for me was caused by XSquawkBox when entering my user name and password into the system to update and I believe this is likely due to some key assignment. Anyways, easy enough I remove the Squawk Box long enough to update and then reapply. Still not the same as your problem, but I can't help but think it's something to do with plug-ins or key assignments. As far as the aircraft acting like it's on ice I see from your Log file the following: 0:00:16.005 E/JOY: UNCALIBRATED AXIS DETECTED: (VID:5426PID:519) Axis #0, assigned to joy_use_none, has an expected min/max range of [0.000000, 255.000000], but is calibrated for [0.501961, 0.501961]. You should recalibrate the device in the Settings menu. 0:00:16.005 E/JOY: CALIBRATION OVERRIDE: (VID:5426PID:519) Axis #0 forced to be treated as calibrated due to a user pref. and there are similar lines following, that with the same type information. Myself, I would remove my flight controls/joy stick. Make sure I have the most current driver/s for that device, and reinstall the components being sure to do a calibration before flight. Also, take a look at the weather settings. What generates your weather X-Plane or possibly is it set to generate a icing condition with strong winds. I went through this too last year with a PC-12 trying to do a around the world flight and all was okay until I was in the Soviet Union / USSR and I was sliding and getting destroyed by the realistic weather conditions which in real life I would of never even drove to the airport let alone try and taxi and fly an aircraft. Hoping some of this may help! Regards, Dwight
  6. DwightP980

    Almost afraid to ask about this bug.

    I'm not real sure about UWXP as I don't use it, but as they say, "You can always drop back and punt". If every thing goes good then it didn't hurt, and if it still fails to program to expectations then pull it out. And, yes XPLM_64.dll, and XPWidgets_64.dll files need to stay or you'll get pop ups telling you X-Plane is not happy with you and it wants those files back. Have good flight, and remember, runway behind you, airspace above you, and fuel in the fuel truck are absolutely useless! Dwight
  7. DwightP980

    Frame rate drop after update to 1.1.8

    @PhB Hello, I just had another thought about your frame rate drop. Check in your Graphics settings in X-Plane and see if you have Use Vsync checked, or not at the bottom left corner of the screen. On my system putting a check mark (turning on) in the Use Vsync causes roughly 15 frames per second drop in performance in the TBM. I've read this not so much and issue with other aircraft in X-Plane and actually I prefer Vsync off. Hoping this helps if your still having an issue with the frame rate drop. Regards, Dwight
  8. DwightP980

    First CTD

    Right you are! Sometimes I will complete several flights too just like you, and if no CTD, and only the exception noted in the TBM900 log file, I'm good with it. The trouble for me if is on a real long flight I get the CTD. It forces me back to reality, and I remember I'm setting at my computer set-up and not in a real TBM900
  9. DwightP980

    First CTD

    @Gregg Seipp Gregg, I notice the last line of your TBM900_Log file shows "Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000" I've had this same condition occur before and the trick for me was to turn OFF the AI aircraft, remove them from opening. It got rid of the crashes and of course the downside is no AI aircraft. Hoping to see this go away in a future revision, but for the time being I just run with no AI aircraft. Dwight
  10. DwightP980

    Almost afraid to ask about this bug.

    Yes sir! It will disregard the plugins you move into the folder named 000_Disabled, and there are probably many other ways to do it, but for me this is the easiest method. X-Plane will not start until it sees certain plugins and the TBM needs Gizmo so it will throw up messages unless you have the ones I listed in the last message I sent. If you get a message it requires a plugin when X-Plane is loading simply go to the 000_Disabled folder and move the missing plugin back to the plugins folder. Take your time, I'm retired and unless I'm out on my boat fishing, or working around the house, I like to play with this, and I enjoy helping if I can, when I can. Have a good day! Dwight
  11. DwightP980

    Almost afraid to ask about this bug.

    Hello Jack! I took a look at your files and also noted the fact that you had said the last flight was normal. I'm going to recommend that you delete the state file in the Output folder to begin with. I'm not 100% sure if this file is wiped and regenerated when you load a new version of the TBM, but it won't hurt to let the system rebuild the state file. Go to your X-Plane folder > then to the Output folder > then to the TBM900 folder. Inside the TBM900 folder select the folder named "state" and delete it. Also, please remove all plugins except Gizmo64.plugin, XPLM_64.dll, and XPWidgets_64.dll I personally create a folder in the plugins folder and name it 000_Disabled Restart X-Plane and the state folder will be regenerated. Fly the TBM, or if you want set everything up on the ground and try the inputs for a Direct TO command from the FMS panel on the TBM instrument panel. Lets give this a try, and if you fly and everything works, then one at a time start adding the plugins back in until you find the one that creates your problem. I personally will fly three or four trips from Cold and Dark to Cold and Dark, making sure I'm happy before adding the plugins back. Good luck and don't forget to resend the Log and TBM900_Log files if the condition persists. Regards, Dwight
  12. DwightP980

    Almost afraid to ask about this bug.

    Jack, I just took a quick look at your files, and of course nothing jumps out at me at the moment but if you can, please also post the TBM900_Log file. I will look it over in fine detail in the morning as I have to hit the sack now. BTW- the Gizmo plug in needs to be installed in order to have the aircraft function, license check, ect.
  13. DwightP980

    TBM 900 Pressure mod

    I just tried a flight from KMCO up to FL320 trying to create your issue. I tried to set the aircraft up to fail by pulling the 3 amp Cabin Pressure circuit breaker, and setting the ECS switches to Auto/ON and turned Pilot and Cabin O2 switches to off. While monitoring the Cabin Pressure condition everything was normal with no warning until FL314 when the Cabin Press Altitude warning came on showing a Cabin Alt of 10,400 feet, which I would except to see happen. I then reset the 3 amp CB and did a 180° back to KMCO with normal operation to shut down. Scratching my head Only other thing I can think to do would be: Go to your X-Plane 11 folder, select the Output folder, then select the TBM900 folder. Within them TBM900 folder locate the state folder and delete it. On restarting X-Plane and the TBM it will regenerate the state folder and sometimes this will clear glitches that reoccur time and again. Blue skies to you, Dwight Report post
  14. DwightP980

    TBM900 Will not load in usable condition

    @Goran_M Your welcome! I've learned a heck a lot more about the TBM 900 from you, than I'm afraid you'll ever learn from me Thanks to you, and everyone else involved with Hotstart for the awesome support. Regards, Dwight
  15. DwightP980

    Almost afraid to ask about this bug.

    Jack, I will wait till you can up load the Log.txt and TBM900_Log.txt files, and then see if I can help figure this out, or perhaps someone out there will be able to ring in with an answer. It does seem that there was a issue similar to this in one of the early versions, but so far I haven't found a direct reference to what I'm thinking, and other than plug-ins, or me going crazy loading scenery files my TBM works great, and is the only aircraft I fly unless troubleshooting the G1000. I'll attach my files plus Gizmo, and if you want compare to what you have, and maybe something will jump out Let me know my friend! Dwight Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt GizmoLog.txt